Promised photos, delivered in full!

WHAT A DAY! Little bug lost 0.3 oz last night, but we’re hoping she’ll have gained some back tonight. I don’t know though – she had a rough day. Early on the day wasn’t so bad – she had a nice visit with friends Cathy and Gene, and was held (in full swaddle) by both mamas. But her afternoon was pretty hard. They’ve started putting gauze over her g-tube to cover it up while we do kangaroo time. I think today was the third day they did it, and the nurse used a particularly huge piece of gauze this time. Well, while I was holding Leah she was really squirmy and fussy even after she was fed, so we put her back down to see what was wrong. As it turned out, the big piece of gauze was stuck to the g-tube and had edged it out of her tummy about half an inch. No wonder she was squirmy! Resolving the issue was even more uncomfortable for her, especially since they had to take the tape off and reposition the tube. It broke our hearts to see her crying so hard. Thankfully once it was back in place she seemed to calm down a bit, and was thoroughly tuckered out after that ordeal. I’m sure she got a great nap after that.

Thank you to everybody who has wished me well before and after my procedure this past Wednesday. I’m pretty much recovered from the procedure itself, but it may take a few days (up to a week) before I’ll know whether it actually worked. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Not much else to say today. We’re still stunned over the mass shooting in Santa Monica today. This one really hits close to home, literally but also figuratively. I hope you’re all safe tonight, dear LA friends and family! I hope the worst thing that happened to you today was that you got stuck in traffic because of the President’s motorcade.

Now for the pictures I promised!

This is how my little bug looked when I saw her for the first time in over 24 hours.

That really is a normal-sized finger. She’s just an itty bitty finger-thief.

Baby kangaroo

The almost-thumb-suck. She’s kind of gnawing on the knuckle. Really she’s just doing her impression of her Uncle Ralph posing for a picture.

Blankie of the day

Requisite scrunchy face

Dreaming of dancing pacifiers

This is the “I know you’re there and I want to open my eyes but it’s too much work” face.

Content little bug

Wide awake!

BabyBug is starting to sprout real non-invisible eyelashes! Any day now her eyebrows will grow in too…

Visit from Pammi

“People, I had a hard day. You don’t even know.”

There’s a baby in there somewhere…

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  1. I love the bundle at the end. Aw! 🙂 glad all are doing okay. Sad about smc /: Still cheering for the ozees and elbees!

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