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Since the day Leah was born, we have been amazed by the outpouring of generosity and support from our friends, family, community, and even from people we have never met. We could not have gotten through this past year without you. We are grateful for every good wish, prayer and positive thought, every greeting card, every email and text message, every meal, every comment on Leah’s posts and pictures, every picture you colored for Leah’s PICU wall, and every donation you made to help us stay by Leah’s side. We appreciate that you care and we can never thank you enough.

We also appreciate that you’re wondering how you can continue to support BabyBug in her new journey at home! A few folks have asked what we still need for Leah, aside from donations on the GoFundMe page to help us ensure that Leah has the care she needs. I have put together an Amazon wishlist for her. Amazon gift cards are always appreciated; since we don’t get a lot of time to go shopping for necessities (and because they’re usually cheaper online!!) we get as much as we can on Amazon.

Stay tuned, as we will also be posting some other ways that you can help support LeahBug!

Also, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Yes, but what can I do that would help lots of families like BabyBug’s?” and you’re looking for a good and deserving cause, please consider making a donation to the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House. We are grateful that they exist to help families like ours stay together at such a critical time. They were there for us when we most needed them, and we encourage you to help them continue to support families in crisis.

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