Walk for Kids!

Friends! We have six days left to reach our team goal of $1,800 for the Ronald McDonald House 5K Walk For Kids. We were staying at RMH for Leah’s first diaphragmatic hernia surgery the weekend of last year’s walk, so we are super-excited to be able to participate this year. Can you please help us reach our fundraising goal? Donate here! Thank you!!

And now, the photo you’ve been waiting for: Leah’s first day of school! She had a few moments of tired fussiness, but for the most part she had lots of fun!


A momentous occasion!

I was really concerned that Leah would wind up like me, not getting her license until she turned 30, so we applied for a youth driver’s license and she got hers today! She can officially drive herself to and from school and doctor appointments.


Happy April Fool’s Day! The real momentous occasion is that Leah starts school tomorrow. We will post pictures!