Winter blues

The winter seems to be flying by before we get a chance to stop and catch our breaths.

November was basically the month of “more.” About halfway through the month, Leah had her first little breakthrough in drawing a connection between a word and a sign. She was constantly wanting to stand, and we got her to the point where she would sign “more” . Then we transitioned that sign into eating time, so that she would sign “more” when she wanted more food as well. So far she is doing it pretty consistently, although she has not picked up any additional signs – unless you count the reverse of the “more” sign, which is her way of telling us to “get that out of my face.” 🙂

Both November and December have also been months fraught with rashes and winter illness. I am so grateful that Leah’s heart was repaired in October and that she is still getting the RSV shot this winter – I just know that she would be in the hospital right now without these two supports. She has been sick for the past three weeks or so, and just can’t seem to kick the stuffy nose and cough. She gets better, and then she gets worse, and then better, and then worse. She generally doesn’t have a fever, but at times her temperature has reached 102 degrees. At night we have to get up more frequently to vent her stomach – I think by breathing through her mouth she is taking in more air, and also whatever postnasal drip she has is clogging her esophagus. Either way, it’s not pretty. We have taken her to the pediatrician twice, and tomorrow we are taking her to the ENT to see if she has a sinus infection. Mama and Mommy are both sick right now too – Mama had laryngitis for almost a week! Leah’s rash is a whole other story. We think it might be either from teething or from something she is eating by mouth. It comes and goes, and shows up on her chin, near her eyes, on her nose and on her forehead. It’s the weirdest thing!

December has already mostly passed, and it hasn’t exactly been kind to us, even beyond all the germs raging through the house. My 95-year-old grandpa passed away on the first night of Chanukah, which cast a cloud over the entire holiday. My sister and I flew back east; he lived in California, but was buried on the east coast. I had laryngitis for most of the time I was there, and just as I started getting better over the past few days, I had a little accident at home. A thing flew off a shelf and my face broke its fall. I had a nice visit with the emergency room docs, and I think my nose is broken but won’t know for sure until I follow up with ENT on Friday.

Other newsworthy Leah events lately: Ms. Bug has cut a tooth! It’s either a molar or a bicuspid on the upper right side. She also managed to pull herself up successfully, one time, from sitting to standing in her crib. AND she scooted herself in a circle while sitting! She is also waving to people! And to cats! Lots of fun milestones.

So that’s all for now! Have some pictures, and even some video!

“This? Again?”

Those piggietails are still my very favorite.

“You were supposed to vote, people!”

A special moment at our friends’ baby shower.

Too Cool For School, But Just Cool Enough For OT, PT, Speech Therapy and Infant Stim.


Mama’s BFF

Swallow study

Somehow this picture makes me want to call her a little ragamuffin.

IMG_5286 IMG_5274
Making a new friend!

Our first sign:

Play date!

She put something in her mouth and nommed on it! Something EDIBLE!

Conducting a spoon orchestra

Deep thoughts by Bug.


Mama and Bug. That chair was mine when I was a baby!

Leah in Mama’s chair!

Trouble, with a capital T.

A one-baby band.

She looks so grown-up here.

She wasn’t really this scared, but I love the way the photo came out.

That’s more like it.

IMG_7068 wc
Family portrait!

IMG_7246 wc
Can’t handle the cute.

IMG_4615 wc
Seriously. Babytoes.

IMG_7031 wc
Someone was not impressed.

IMG_6836 wc
Very not impressed.

IMG_6952 wc
“More pictures? Okay. Take a picture of this face!”

IMG_6844 wc

IMG_7044 wc
Love and sillies.