A long-overdue update with random bits of news

This will be quite a summer. I realize it’s been some time since I last updated, so let me catch you up quickly:

1) I don’t think I mentioned that we finished the LA Ronald McDonald House Walk for Kids and, with your help, raised almost $2,400 for the House! Thank you again!

2) We had a lovely Mother’s Day brunch at Aunti Staci’s house – that girl knows how to entertain!

3) Leah turned 2! We had a fun rainbow-themed birthday party, complete with rainbow fruits and veggies, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich bar with a rainbow assortment of jelly, rainbow cupcakes, and rainbow sherbet. Here is what you need to know about the party:

IMG6861 wc
Leah turned 2!

Leah is a ham!

Messy cake is not her thing!

4) Some big news: It turns out Leah had a sinus infection for a good two months after her admission to the hospital in March. We took her in several times, and she even saw ENT, but nobody suggested anything about a sinus infection until mid-May. At that point her pulmonologist and ENT discussed her case and concluded that Leah should have her tonsils and adenoids out when her ear tubes go in. That will take place later this summer, likely next month. We are hoping it will only be one night in the hospital. We had an incident a couple of weeks ago in which Leah took a nap almost an hour after eating and woke up with avocado coming out of her nose, so she is having an esophagram this week and will likely have an endoscopy when they do the rest of the procedures next month.

5) Here’s the super-big exciting news: Mommy Mandy is, at this moment, en route to China to teach high school students for the next four weeks! She went with two other colleagues from work. What an amazing opportunity and experience this will be for her! It will be a different kind of amazing at home. Break out the organic cheesy puffies and kegs of goat milk with prune puree – Mama and Bug are gonna partay! (If by partay you mean really really miss Mommy and Skype with her every single day until she comes home, at which point we will ask her if she bought us anything pretty).

6) More big news: Leah starts her new therapy school program next week! She will officially be in school five days per week, and her private appointments will be decreased to five per week as well (not including doctor appointments). She’ll still be the busiest baby I know.

7) Still MORE big news! Leah got her very first haircut! She barely noticed it was happening because her eyes were glued to the TV the whole time. I couldn’t really get a picture of her looking at me, because her eyes were glued to the TV the whole time. But we finally did it!


8) Leah went in a swimming pool for the first time! She loved it!


That is all for now – but I suspect you’ll be hearing from me a bit more often in the next four weeks!