Another day, another dress

First: Happy birthday, Grandma Marilyn!!! Your great-grandbug loves you!

BabyBug had a big day today! She got to meet a whooooole bunch of cousins (okay, four) plus her great-aunt and great-uncle (on Gran’s side). She had lots of fun, except for that part where we put her in another dress. It’s a little big since it’s size 3 mo, but she had to show it off for her great-uncle since he bought it for her! The result is that she looks kind of like she’s going to a debutante ball. She was not happy about the dress, although to be fair most of that displeasure was at the fact that once again we had to dress her before nom-nom time. Result: Aaaaaaangry baby.

“Another dress??? Phhhthhththththththt is what I say! You’ll never get me into that!”

“Awww, crap.”


Angry Shirley Temple?

“On the other hand, I am pretty freakin’ darling.”

“Okay. I accept my appointment as Dear Leader. Kneel before Zod.”

Great-Auntie Chris

Great-Uncle Bob

“Really? You think you can just pick me up and I’ll forgive you? Just like that? I’m still mad at you, lady!”

“Okay, I forgive you.”

7 thoughts on “Another day, another dress

  1. Aww love the comments under each pic. Shes such a special baby and shes got attitude haha. Thanks for letting us spend time with her today. Shes easy to fall in love with 🙂

  2. Ok I have to say I love all the captions they are cute. And I love the dress but I agree with Leah really another dress what are we thinking lol. Seriously they are all so sweet the pics that is. Love seeing them everyday. Go Babybug .

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