Leah is out of surgery and is settled into her room. She had a dilation to 14mm as well as a steroid injection. The GI doc said her esophageal stricture was somewhere between 5 and 8mm diameter before the dilation.

The surgeons then repaired her Morgagni hernia. Again. Her surgeon said it looked like nobody had ever been in there – the hole was completely open again, and according to the surgical resident, this time it was her small bowel and a portion of liver poking up through the hole. Doc used a mesh patch to close the hole so that there would be no tension on the sutures. Hopefully it sticks this time around!

We also had an unexpected surprise when Leah came out of surgery with a Mic-Key button instead of her usual AMT Mini One. It turned out that they had accidentally gotten betadine on the old button when they took it out to do the procedure, and the Mic-Key was all they had handy to replace it. That situation has been remedied and Leah has her Mini again.

Leah napped for a bit after a good long fuss (she is in a lot of discomfort) but now she is awake again and crying with a sad little hoarse voice. Poor bubbie! Time for more morphine!

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