Two updates in one day? Whaaa?

I was so busy giving you technical status updates that I forgot to tell you all about Leah’s day! Leah had lots of visitors today. She saw her Gran (Mandy’s mom), and then her great-great-aunt and uncle (Glenda and Roy), and her cousins Lisa and Ciara. Later on Aunti Staci and Grandma Barbie (teehee – her name is Barbara but I’m pulling for Grandma Barbie) came to say hello. In a little while Uncle Ralph will be here. Big day for family!

Leah is still having some desats (where her oxygen saturation level goes down) and bradycardia (low heart rate) episodes. Mandy and Leah had a nice length of kangaroo time earlier today, but a few minutes into our time she started having issues. We decided to put her back, and later on I held her in baby burrito form instead. We had lots of fun together. I even got some eyeballs. The nurses are helping us learn how to balance the huge benefits of kangaroo time with the stresses of transition for preemies who are still learning how to breathe evenly. Kangaroo time itself is actually one way the babies learn how to regulate their breathing, since they match their breathing up to their mama’s (or mamas’ in this case). They also learn how to regulate their temperatures through skin-to-skin contact. But the transition from any one place to another can be stressful, so we’re going to try each holding her at different times of the day instead of switching her back and forth between us in a single sitting. She’ll get more kangaroo time this way, too! I’ll be so happy when her breathing is stronger and we can just snuggle with her and not have to watch her monitors and listen for alarms! Then again, that’s why it’s so important for us to do this kangaroo time now, to help her get to that point! And she really is pretty hilarious when Mandy holds her. I don’t know if it’s because she smells like milk or what, but Leah’s favorite position is face down right in the center of Mandy’s chest. It’s the funniest thing ever.

Oh – and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, tweeted for Leah. NBD.

(Srsly though. That is pretty freaking awesome. Thank you Duchess!!!)


And here are some more pictures for you!



Rock-a-bye baby burrito!

This is actually what we walked in on this morning. She was trying to hide under her tortilla cover.

This is from yesterday but I thought it was cute because Leah is tucked into Mandy’s shirt!


Aunti Staci!

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