Today, Leah is three weeks old!

We didn’t spend a full day at the hospital today; both of us had doctor appointments in Culver City, so we spent the first half of the day out there. After the appointments, we made a quick run to Menchie’s to fulfill Mandy’s 7-month-old craving. We were advised to avoid soft-serve machines during pregnancy because of the risk for listeria, and that was a huge sacrifice for Mandy (and therefore me) because we LOOOOVE frozen yogurt. It’s like a THING. So we went today. I managed to tolerate a wee bitty serving of chocolate brownie and cinnamon bun with a few sprinkles of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (they’re kinda like crackers, right?), and Mandy filled up her bowl with blackberry, raspberry sorbet, and vanilla, with raspberry sauce. We know you wanted to know.

After Menchie’s we stopped by my BFF Z’s house to pick up some breast-pumpy-type supplies she had for us. We got to see our little buddy Ry Ry, who, at 9 months old, looks like a monster truck baby now that we’ve been staring at LeahBug for three weeks. Seriously. Leah has thrown off all sense of baby proportion we might have had. And also we hadn’t seen Ry Ry in about a month so I’m sure he has grown, too. At first he was a little bleary-eyed from being woken up, but his face broke into a big adorable smile when he saw his aunties. Too sweet.

Once we were at the hospital, we took BabyBug out for some kangaroo cuddlage. Mandy finally got to use one of the blankets she made, so our baby bug became a baby Bruin. (See photo below).

When it was my turn to hold her, Little Miss LeahBug decided to cause some trouble. I had held her for about 9 seconds (maybe) and she was still squirming and trying to decide which way she wanted to face, when suddenly she tried to rear her head back (luckily I was holding her head like a good Mama should, so it didn’t go too far), and threw her arm forward at the same time, and somehow managed to dislodge her suction tube. Kangaroo time fail! She had to go right back into her isolette so the nurse could prep her for a new tube. Naughty Leah! So alas – no more kangaroo time for Mama Lisa today. Instead the nurse replaced her tube with a new one and then wrapped her up. She was WIDE awake and eventually managed to break out of her swaddle, so the nurse came back and bundled her up like a proper burrito, at which point I was able to lull her to sleep with the paci and a hand on her head. Yay for sleepy baby. I hope that trick still works when she’s 3.


“These crazy ladies…”

Baby Ry Ry loves his aunties

Baby Bruin (those are light yellow stripes)

Scrunchy face

Tubeless Baby! “Hmmmm, how else can I get into trouble?”

Shayneh punim, sans tube

“It’s exhausting to be this cute.”


Busting outta the swaddle

A proper mini-burrito

Cozy bug

AAAAAAND we have videos! If they don’t load for you, try back in 20 minutes – the last one is still uploading!

8 thoughts on “TroubleBug

  1. Ditto what Jessica said. The strange thing is, with all that gorgeous hair, she looks like a normal sized baby, unless I see someone holding her or there’s a hand on her. Well, she is simply delicious. And she can never be naughty! She has what my Kadybug (Kaydance) has. I call it Gammymunity.

    • Hahaha. Gammymunity. That is cute. I’ve been calling us the Mamarazzi because we take so many pictures. It’s fun to make up words.

      That’s almost everybody’s first comment when they see her the first time – they expect her to be bigger based on the pictures. She really is tiny. Ha – the camera adds 10 oz, at least! 😉

  2. Happy to see you and Mandy took some time out for yourselves (albeit short and after doctor’s appointments!). That’s so important and will continue to be (we’re 1 1/2 years down the road here). You need a break and you need time with each other that’s not spent at the hospital (even if it’s a 15 minute walk together).
    Congratulations to Leah on the 4 pound mark!

  3. I can’t wait to see her today….missed her like crazy yesterday! She will be a good girl today, Gran will be there! hee hee

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