Tomorrow, the moment of truth!

Tomorrow is the day for Leah’s allergy testing! We come face to face with her edible Kryptonite! My prediction is that while allergy to eggies will almost certainly turn out positive, pineapple may well come out negative. I suspect more and more that her big breakout last year was actually a response to the MMR shot, which she had ten days prior. I hope that means her body has built up the antibodies she needs to fight off the measles, as apparently IT’S A THING AGAIN. But yes – hopefully they will test for all of the usual suspects, and we will see what we need to avoid as Leah’s meal “repertoire” expands.

While we await more news, please enjoy this video. It makes me so happy.

One thought on “Tomorrow, the moment of truth!

  1. Defiantly a right handed pitcher in training! Hope all is well…..mama sounds so much like!!
    Loved these posts!

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