Tick tock tick tock

We had a nice day today. Aunti Staci and cousin Jenna came by in the afternoon, and Uncle Ralph visited in the evening and then brought me back to RMH. Leah’s big project right now is trying to figure out how to suck her thumb. She’s getting closer and closer every day but refuses to let us show her. She wants to figure it out herself. She has also been doing extremely high leg-kicks lately. She gave her cousin Jenna a nice kick in the chin this afternoon.

I have to be up at 8AM to get ready for my surgery, which of course explains why I am up at 1:30AM making updates to the blog. Who can sleep knowing they’re going in for surgery in the morning? So I added two new “pages” to the main menu.

Is it weird that I’m more nervous for Leah than I am for myself? I’m usually there during the day and often at night to make sure the repogle behaves itself, and often I have to call the nurse in to manage a “tube incident.” I’m hoping the next few days will run smoothly for LeahBug. Gran will be there to keep her company and make sure she doesn’t pull the thing out or hack it up, both of which she does on a regular basis. We asked the charge nurse to please assign familiar faces to Leah for the next few days and nights, so hopefully that will happen. It’s not that Leah’s care is so complex right now while she’s awaiting surgery, but it is extremely particular and the consequences of messing up are pretty freaking awful. In general, but especially when we’re not there, it’s important that whoever is taking care of her knows her peculiarities and is comfortable monitoring the suction tube and recognizing when it’s clogged or stuck. BabyBug hasn’t quite learned to use her words yet. :-/

Okay. I guess I should sleep so I can wake up. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Mama Lisa, I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery! I know you will be fine and that Leahbug will be watched over by responsible caregivers who will sustain her while you’re getting better. I’m so glad that you posted so I can be thinking of you know, at 7:30 a.m., and throughout the day! Love and hugs to you, Mommy Mandy, and sweet, sweet Leahbug! 🙂

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