Tick tock tick tock

Leah’s surgery is 9 days away.

Pretty much everybody knows her surgery is coming up. As we walk into the unit, nurses greet us with, “Hey, the big day is getting closer!” Even the security guards know her surgery day is almost here. It makes for a lot of pressure to keep a lot of people updated, but at the same time, it is So Freaking Amazing that so many people care about how this sweet baby is doing.

And on that note, here is what happened today: I posted LeahBug’s GoFundMe link on the Kids With Down Syndrome page in the hope that a few people might see it and share it. The folks who run the page removed the donation link and posted only the photo of Leah along with my request that people keep us in their thoughts as November 1 approaches. What resulted was nothing short of breathtaking. More than 6,000 people “liked” the picture, over 600 people left sweet comments and prayers for Leah’s health and recovery, and over 300 people shared the picture on their own walls. A small piece of our fundraising effort led to something even more valuable – that’s 6,000 people who will send out a positive thought or prayer to Leah in the coming weeks. And if they don’t, that’s still 6,000 people who took a second out of their day today to express support for Leah as she marches (or scoots, really) toward surgery. Can you ask for more than that?

Also on the horizon: A photographer friend of a friend has graciously offered to donate a photo session prior to Leah’s surgery, and an awesome Mama blogger with a pretty amazing following on Facebook contacted me on Instagram and wants to do a blog entry about LeahBug. So cool. So grateful.

And on that note: We wore our pre-costume costume today. I guess we could call her a LadyBug Larva, but that doesn’t sound very cute.

Enjoy some humiliated baby!

“Please say there’s no hat. Please say there’s no hat.”

003 (2)
“There’s a hat.”

006 (2)
BabyBug has bangs!

015 (2)
And she has antennae!

They’ve been using a clear tape on her chin lately. I love that little chin!!!

035 036

Of course, it wouldn’t be a dress-up day without a pissed-off Angry Babyface.

photo 4 (4)
I know it’s blurry but she looks so adorably distraught that I had to share anyway.

But Aunti Staci is magical and fixed it right up.

“Oh hai, Mama! Aunti Staci is comfy!”

“So comfy!”

photo 2 (3)
Snuggle snuggle snuggle!

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