This post will kill you with cute.

This was a weekend full of visitors! Yesterday, Leah visited with her Gran in the morning, and then later in the afternoon, she had some very special guests: Great-Grandma Marilyn, Great-Great-Aunt Joan, and cousins Allison and Charlie, who live alllll the way on the other side of the country! It was very exciting and Leah is glad she got to see everybody! Today, my cousins Kim and Natalie came to visit BabyBug earlier in the day, and then our friends Jessica and Toni came a little later. Then in the evening Aunti Staci and Grandma Barbie came for a visit – and they brought frozen yogurt for Mandy, so I’m pretty sure they’re Mandy’s new best friends. The light in the PICU room is awesome for pictures (except when it’s so awesome that it washes out people’s faces) so hopefully I’ll be posting more pictures now! Enjoy!

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BabyBug with Mandy and her mama in a three-generation photo.

Cute Bug

“Oh hai, Gran!”


Mama and Tiny

Pretty girl!

My absolute favorite photo of the day.

How did we wind up with such a ridiculously cute little Bug? Her Mommy is pretty cute too.

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Sometimes we make scrunchy faces in our pretty pink dress. Sometimes we are sweet and precious (not that scrunchy-face isn’t also precious…).

And sometimes we just stick out our tongues.

Great-Grandma Marilyn snuggling with Leah for the first time

More snuggles

If Great-Grandma wants to steal Bug’s feet she’s gonna have to fight Mama for them! Mama called dibs on toes!

Sweet hands

I <3 my Grandma!

GG Aunt Joan says she’s not a picture-taker but I think she did just fine!

A couple of great-grands, both ma and auntie.

Cousin Allison!

More Cousin Allison!

Cousin Allison with a sleeping tiny tot!

Cousin Charlie, who has never seen “Charlie the Unicorn”!

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“Um, I don’t know about this, Mommy!”

Sweet faces

My beautiful girls

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Cousins Kim and Natalie, who held me when I was this small!

The view from BabyBug’s window

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Quality time with Mama

Leah was so happy to see her friends Jess and Toni!

Aunti Staci and her Mini-Me

Sweet Sleepy-Pie

This face!

8 thoughts on “This post will kill you with cute.

  1. Awe, so nice that you can have all this company now.. Baby Bug is going to get use to this ๐Ÿ™‚ She is adorable! Bet she is awful nice to snuggle with.. (love me a bug)
    Gma Marilyn sure looks like she has held a few babies in her day.. she looked so natural and comfortable holding BB, and ms Leah she looked awful content in Aunti Staci’s arms.. So many people loving the bug, so enjoyed seeing all the pics… so glad you mommies have many people that love and support you… I love you too.. Thank you for posting! Hoping to meet ms Lady Bug real soon… hugs~

  2. Such a busy weekend! I hope you all get some rest today…It was superlovely to see the beautiful Leah and both of you! Hope to do it again soon! XO

  3. Leah, you and your mamas get prettier every day.

    I love love love the one where she’s in her pink dress and sticking her tongue out. Glorious. ๐Ÿ™‚

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