The week in photos (minus the icky uncomfy parts)

Not too much to update today so I will just bombard you with photographs from the past week or so – things have been so hectic around here that I haven’t really had time to share! Earlier in the week BabyBug had a visit from her great-great-auntie Glenda and family, and later on she was chillin’ like a villain on Uncle Ralph’s shoulder. She had a pretty good week, if you don’t count that pesky terrible horrible Wednesday in the operating room and subsequent yucky-tastic 48 hours. Thankfully, by now she is feeling a bit better, although her Mini site is still looking inflamed and they are going to start her on antibiotics (through the g-tube and not IV, yay).

Oh hey, look!

Staring at our favorite pink friend, affectionately known at this point as “Mr. Penis Mouse,” thanks to Aunti Staci’s brilliant and unsolicited observations. Leah doesn’t care. He makes little jingly sounds and has a twin brother who is a bunny. He is fabulous. Don’t be a hater.

BabyBug with Mommy, Gran, and Gran’s aunt Glenda. (Picture two tiny babies about three months apart – one’s an aunt and one’s a niece!) That’s four generations in this photo!

Great-Great Aunt Glenda must be saying something terribly interesting.

Great-Great Uncle Roy gets the CalmBug

Cousin Ciara, the biggest Justin Bieber fan I know

Cousin Lisa giving some sort of valuable life lesson. I hope you’re listening, Buggy!

Leah loves her Uncle Ralph

Out cold on Uncle Ralph’s shoulder

The nurse’s handy dandy trick to keep Leah from pushing and swatting at her achy g-tube site. Also makes a cute sleeveless tank in a pinch.

Our little vampire

Caption this, please.

Wistful little face

“Mooooooommmyyyyy, not in front of my friiiieeeeends!”


“Whew. Rough week. Thank goodness for fluffy Mommy-chests that smell like milk.”

3 thoughts on “The week in photos (minus the icky uncomfy parts)

  1. A lot of LOVE LOVE LOVE in all of the pics! The one that says (Caption This) should say Oh no, my mommy has been messing with my hair again!!!!

  2. A winner is Leah! She is darling. I’m so glad you both have so much family in the area!

    Caption this: “I know that look, Auntie Staci. NO MORE BABYHAWKS.”

  3. Such a sweet baby! I hope this is a better week for Leah! I hope you all get some much needed rest & comfort! I’m routing for Leah everyday!:)

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