Teeth and twos!

Hey, so guess who is turning TWO YEARS OLD on Friday?

What? How did that happen??

Yep. Ms. Bug will be two years old in just a few days. I can’t believe it – the hospital days feel like they were ages ago but somehow also feel like they were just yesterday. Not sure how that makes sense, but it is what it is!

So, where did we leave off? Leah LOVES school but has also been out sick for a week. She still has the cough from the respiratory infection she had in March, and it is sounding worse and worse. Poor kid! She will be getting tubes placed in her ears in June; she has fluid in both ears. We hope this will improve her progress in language development as she should be able to hear better. We hope.

Leah is learning all sorts of new things, and is starting to develop preferences. For example, when she bangs blocks together she wants them to be the same color (in the next few days I will post a video demonstrating this), and she has a favorite book (“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”), which she can listen to as many consecutive times as we can tolerate reading it, plus one. And, AND, she has SIX teeth! Two front teeth and four molars! The front teeth came in last, because Leah operates on her own timetable. And let me just tell you – if you thought Leah couldn’t get any cuter, you didn’t envision her with teeth.


7 thoughts on “Teeth and twos!

  1. Oh my cuter then cute!!!!
    Thx so much for always sharing ur life w us!
    I learn so much from u and am inspired for the love u show in ur daughter. On those tough days when a mom needs a break, i look at ur stuff and it brings me back into the ‘ momma mode ‘ :)!
    Jen and my crew

  2. She is so grown up, and you’re right, cuter than ever! I do hope you’ll invite us to see her soon.

  3. I hope that cutie pie has a extra special, fun birthday! Kisses and hugs from Georgia, hope to see her and her mommies one day!

  4. OMG I love this pic she is amazing and so cute. The shirt and pants and shoes are so adorable. Tooths and twos are the next step in Leah’s life. She has two amazing Moms and she is amazing too. I’m so glad that she is my cousin and that you are sharing all this cuteness with me. Would it be okay if I share this with my friend she love babies. You go Leah Bug.

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