Sunday Girl

Sometimes Mama gets to say “I told you so.” I *knew* there was a reason for those fevers Leah had been spiking last week. I kneeeeew. I had been pushing for blood cultures for a couple of days early this past week. Initially they had said if her temp spiked again they would do the cultures, but then the next day they weren’t aware that that had been set as the condition, so they were like, “Okay, well if it spikes AGAIN they’ll do the cultures.” Well, by Wednesday morning she looked sickly, so they finally did the freaking blood and sputum cultures, and yes, they both came back positive. So. There you go. The sputum culture showed a mild growth of pseudomonas (bacteria), and the culture they drew from the central line came back positive for staph. The good news is that they are not too concerned about the sputum culture – it wasn’t an infection per se, and she has been on antibiotics for several days now and has not spiked another fever. The staph is a little more worrisome (at least, in my opinion!) but they said that sometimes happens with the central line, and it often goes away when the central line is removed – which happened yesterday, as you may recall. They drew another culture yesterday and we’ll see if it still shows growth. The last thing she needs is a staph infection on top of everything else she has been through!

Well. On a less medical note… Leah is much more energetic today. We are even getting some smiles. We put her vibrating throne back into her bed and she is having a joyous and up-close-and-personal reunion with her favorite jingle-bug. She has been communing with him for over an hour. Every so often she tries to talk to him and bursts into a coughing spasm; she hasn’t regained her voice since being intubated, and her voice is, at present, not entirely unlike that of Donald Duck. I will be so happy when I can hear that little “AYE” again.

Mmmm, almost-thumb!


“Hm. Friend?”

“Oh yeah! I forgot I liked him!”

In case you were wondering what a BabyBug pout looks like. It’s even better with open eyes and furrowed brows.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Girl

  1. Am I missing something? I don’t think I’ve heard her say “aye” on video. Have you filmed this?? I love her pout. 🙂

    • I’ve tried so hard!!! She just decides when she’s going to talk and when she’s not. Apparently when the camera’s out she ain’t talkin’.

    • That does appear to be the case! Her chest x-rays are improving so I’m hoping she’s not aspirating. Her saliva was coming out her g-tube while she was extubated (they had the attachment uncapped and covered by a diaper for absorption), so hopefully that means it’s going where it’s supposed to go!

  2. Trust your momma instincts. Hope that now they can tailor her antibiotics to the specific bacteria, and Leahleh will be well on the road to sharing your mashed potatoes. Well, learning how to suck and swallow….

    • Yay Leahbug’s smiles back n glowing so happy….Alright for Jinglebug….Hoping Staph stays away in jesus name….Love all the pics n the video made me smile…..

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