Ready to report for work duty!

When we first got to the NICU, we talked to various parents who had been there for several days, several weeks, and several months. I remember being in total awe of the parents who had been there for months and were still hanging on. It seemed like such a looooooong time – like something impossible. These days, we meet parents in Peds or newcomers to the PICU and they ask us how long we’ve been here… and we tell them and watch that same shock spread across their faces. That’s us now.

On a lighter note, my surgeon said I could try solid foods today (slowly and nothing too heavy), so Mandy and I took the opportunity to have a dinner-date night. We were back in the PICU before 8:30PM! Short date, but still nice.

Leah wore the most ridiculously cute outfit today. It killed me with cute. Have some pictures.

And Mommy Mandy rolls her eyes at ME?

“Guuyyyyyss! Come ooonnnnn.”

“Thank goodness that flower is gone!!”

“What do you meeeean I can’t go outside to play? I’m dressed for fun!”

Staring at our nurse and willing her to stop trying to take our blood pressure.

031 (2)
“Mmmmm, purple.”

“Mmmm, Mommy shoulder.”

“Mommy is so silly! Silly Mommy!”

“Oh no! It’s the Mamarazzi!”

4 thoughts on “Ready to report for work duty!

  1. Glad to hear you had a chance for a dinner date. I hope the food is still sitting well!

    Is Leah starting to come to terms with all the headbands? She seems pretty calm in those shots.

  2. I love the expressions on her face and the pics are awesome. Glad you both got some alone time for a dinner date. Everybody needs that. Leah is just so cute.I need to plan and come see everyone what hospital is she in? Have a great day and Leah you go girl.

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