Random pix

Leah had some very special visitors today so there are more pics coming later, but here are pics from the past few days!

“Gran, what did you just do to my hair??? OMG, now you’re taking a picture?”

055 058
“Oh come on. You can’t be serious about these socks.”

Does it get any sweeter than this?

Oh. Maybe it does.

Aunti Staci, did we do it right? I threw in duck-lips and everything!

Um, hey, Leah? We’re taking a selfie here! Yawn on your own time!

“Mommy, let me just tell you…”

Always her favorite spot.

6 thoughts on “Random pix

  1. Love these photos! No, it doesn’t get cuter than that — but then Leahgirl surprises us with another amazingly cute look that — thank goodness — Mommies can capture and share! So glad!! Thank you! 😀

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