Quiiiiick update

Sorry for the tardiness – we were so tired yesterday that we got home-ish (that’s what we’re calling RMH) early and crashed out. Today was our 6-year wedding anniversary so we celebrated by spending the day and evening in the NICU with Leah, though we did have a little dinner date between shifts (about 2 blocks from the hospital – we didn’t stray far!). So we’re exhausted tonight too!

We gave BabyBug another bath tonight and she was just as cute as the last time. She gets so wide awake as she tries to figure out what the heck is happening to her. This time she thought it would be very cute if she waited to pee until we took the diaper off. It was a laugh and a half. What a silly bug!

Leah’s weight is still around 5 lbs 4 oz; she gained a little and then lost a little. The doctor told us this afternoon that they may try to do a mini dye study a little later this week to get a sense of how her stomach is doing (e.g. how large it is) and whether they can see at all what’s going on in the stomach end of the esophagus (if there even is one). More news as we get it!

I sweeaaaarz I will post pictures tomorrow. We have some great photos to share.

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