Popping in for a quick update

Good afternoon, everyone! Shabbat Shalom! I just had to say hello and be grateful for a moment. The Butterfly Fund recently posted LeahBug’s Amazon wishlist, and several people we’ve never met have sent Leah gifts, including some new diapers and covers (because she’s outgrowing the old ones), a sweet outfit, a toy, some books, and medical supplies – AND somebody sent her the ARK Z-vibe, a therapy tool aimed at oral stimulation to help with speech and feeding. We are super-psyched to start working with this as it comes highly recommended by other parents of children with Down Syndrome. Just need to do some reading first as there are specific exercises that help with particular issues.

This past week has been a reminder of how truly awesome people are. Not that we needed a reminder – we are grateful every day for your support and generosity and it continues to amaze us.


2 thoughts on “Popping in for a quick update

  1. This is awesome how ppl r pouring in things to help Leah n the Ark Z Vibe is something great to help her along…..God bless those ppl for the blessings that r doing to a baby in need….May the lord bless them….

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