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I am SO EXHAUSTED so I’m going to keep this short. BabyBug had a couple of OT sessions this week and they are working on some new skills, including cause and effect. They linked her little plastic rings to hang off the mobile and then let her pull on them so she can see that when she pulls, the mobile moves. We need to get her some more toys that react when she does something to them. She is so fascinated by it. She is playing more with the rings while she is in her vibrating seat. She still manages to get them onto her wrists but now she is trying to put them in her mouth as well. And those tiny fingers are days away from being nommed by tiny baby lips.

Not much else to update. Mama is still a bit of a zombie. Tomorrow I will try solid food for the first time since surgery. Yikes.

Sweet face


Sillie Jo!

015 (2)
Hi Cathy!

EmoBaby drifts off to sleep. Check out her bangles.

She loves her Mommy!

BabyBug’s first Shabbat candles! (LED FTW!)

4 thoughts on “Photos photos photos!

  1. I am so thrilled that the occupational therapy has stepped up! Yay! Where is the Speech therapist??? When that happens regularly too I will be very happy! Gorgeous girl! I hope you feel better soon Lisa! XOXOXOX

    • Jessica, they won’t really start in on speech therapy until the repogle is out of her mouth. :-/ But the OT is giving us recommendations for non-nutritive sucking, etc. So that’s something.

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