Photo Extravaganza

I totally owe you all tons and tons of pictures, so tons and tons of pictures you shall have!

Quick update first – it’s looking like they may actually just go ahead and do the contrast study this week. They were always talking about doing it in late June, but when they postponed the Mic-Key button procedure to July 11 we assumed they would postpone the contrast study too. Guess not! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for a short gap!!!!

BabyBug has been having some trouble with her suction tube lately and as a result has been coughing up icky stuff that should be going out into her tube. Still trying to figure out what’s causing that. In the meantime Leah has been a bit fussy.

In non-medical news, we finally broke down and let some folks besides the doctors and nurses hold the bitty bug. We chose Mandy’s cousin Erin for the honor of being Numero Uno. Valerie (of Leah Valerie) was Erin’s grandma and a very important person in Mandy’s life. Plus Mandy watched Erin come into the world! So it seemed appropriate. By now BabyBug has also been snuggled by her grandparents and some of her uncles and aunties. FYI, she gets a lot of visitors and it wears her out to be passed around too much, so please don’t be offended if we don’t offer to let you hold her when you come to visit! We are trying to balance snuggle-sharing with keeping the little one well-rested so she can grow and be strong!

Okay, here’s what you were really waiting for: PICTURES!

Hooooongry baby!

Sweet kidlet.

Numero Uno Baby Snuggler

Auntie Erin is thrilled to be holding a little bug!

“Oh hey, there’s a bug in my lap!”

Gran, Mandy and Baby

We have awesome hair.


Leah’s friend Barbara, who visited along with her wifey

Grandpa Bill. Grandma Barbie shunned the Mamarazzi.

Grandpa Bill and Baby Bug having a serious conversation.

“Hey, whatchoo lookin’ at?”

BabyBug is a genius! Look at her starting to sign her name already!

What are you laughing at, little girl?

Bitty bitty fingerses

Knocked out

Mama Lisa playing with the camera

Itty bitty fingernails.

Portrait of a Bug

Look at our little headband!

“Uncle Ralph thinks he’s sooooooo funny!”

Aunti Staci loves her little bug

“Who is this silly lady holding me? Oh, hi Aunti Staci!”

Peaceful sweetheart

My cousin Kim holding the tiny tot. I used to babysit Kim’s kids. Kim used to babysit me. My dad used to babysit Kim. Kim’s mom used to babysit my dad. And now the cycle shall continue.

photo (8)
“Oh hai, Auntie Kim! What’s up?”

Little snow pea.

Your reward for getting to the end of this post. I found it on Facebook. Love. Even though it’s missing the crucial “HELLO!”

7 thoughts on “Photo Extravaganza

  1. I think that Leah looks every bit like your dad!! Thinking about you and Mandy and Leah all the time. I check her page every day to see how much she is growing, and to “check in” with you. Once I surface from my issues and find some personal balance again, I promise I will call and come to see you and Mandy, and that sweet little girl of yours !!!

  2. I hope you can feel the outward love, even from complete strangers like me, because I’m sending it to you and Leah daily. Can’t stress enough how impressed I am with you and how adorable little Bugaboo is.

    • Thank you thank you, Kelly! We definitely feel the support and are so grateful for all the positive thoughts. We love that LeahBug has so many people cheering her on. 😀

  3. What a sweetheart. It is such a joy to watch her grow.

    Can I hire the Mamarazzi to document my kid’s growth this assiduously? 😉

    • Dear Cynthia,
      The existing Mamarazzi have an indefinite prior engagement. However, you may apply for a press badge and become a member of the Mamarazzi yourself!
      Thank you for your interest,
      The Mamaraz–wait, wait, quick, she’s moving – get a picture of this!

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