Periwinkle time!

Apparently January is Esophageal Atresia Awareness Month, and periwinkle is the color for EA awareness, so welcome to our new background color for the month of January!

In other news, Leah and I spent a good 15 minutes last night marching around the living room singing classic TV theme songs. BabyBug would start to giggle a little bit every time I changed to a new song – I’m impressed! Note for future reference: Leah LOVES the theme songs to “The Munsters” and “Mr. Ed” but is not as impressed with “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Probably because MTM doesn’t come with exciting sound effects and voice changes.

9 thoughts on “Periwinkle time!

  1. OMG She doesn’t like MTM?! Who is this child?! Just kidding. Maybe she just likes the Joan Jett version. If you do that one, you can make a different voice and guitar riffs.

  2. Maybe The LoveBoat?? Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier!! Maybe this is to old for you guys.
    Mickey Mouse Club… there are hundreds to choose from…should keep her giggling all winter and spring long.

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