Last night was Leah’s first Shabbat at home! We celebrated at home with a nice dinner with Aunti Staci, and then we had a nice dinner with Aunti Staci, and then we cooked a nice side-dish for dinner with Aunti Staci. Really though – Staci didn’t arrive until almost 7:30PM with the supplies for latkes and her magical butternut squash dish, so we had the chicken and veggies first, then had latkes an hour later, and then Staci and I made the magical squash. (Seriously, people. Brown sugar, butter, pecans… have I mentioned how grateful I am to be eating again?) Thanks for second dinner, Aunti Staci!

Today was the annual holiday party at Ronald McDonald House (sponsored by Harvey Levin and others), and we joined in on the fun! It was a really cute event. They had activities over at the Lyman house in the morning, and then a wonderful lunch at the Fountain house with events hosted by Nadji Jeter, performances by Ryan Ochoa and his brothers and others, and a raffle (some lucky kid won a Sony Playstation and a couple of others won bikes!). After all the performances, Santa showed up to take pictures and hand out toys. These guys don’t mess around – he rode in on a fire engine. I’m not a big Santa person and the place was starting to get a little hectic what with the big jolly celebrity, so we hightailed it out of there before the noise got to a deafening roar. We had a great time – got to catch up with some families and also met a few new families and exchanged stories about our experiences. One family who was sitting at our table turned out to have been in the same NICU pod as Leah this past July! Small world. Right before we left, the RMH folks gave Leah a Glow Seahorse (like a GloWorm except it’s a seahorse!). Thanks, RMH! That little guy kept her company for a good while this evening. She loves it.

We wound up not staying at Ronald McDonald House this weekend/next week after all. Leah has 7 appointments in 4 days, but now that we’re home, Mandy really felt we should just suck it up and do the drive every day so that we wouldn’t have to uproot ourselves again. We’d also lose almost a week of unpacking time. We have so much to get done. So we shall drive. And drive. And drive.

Funny moment of the evening: We were at the dinner table eating our turkey and veggies, and our cat Lobo was trying to get onto the table to make sure we knew he was there. Mandy yelled, “Lobo, DOWN!” and Leah piped up with an emphatic “AYE!” from across the room. As always, Buggy has perfect timing.

“Look at my cute dress!”

Staring at Uncle Ralph

“Uncle Ralph, you silly!”


“Just kidding. I’m happy!”



Bundled up in layers to stay warm

We love our new glowing seahorse! Thank you, Ronald McDonald House!

This is what Leah looked like when we pulled her out of the car this afternoon. What is wrong with this picture?

Knocked out in the car.

This is how we fell asleep. OMNOMNOM.

“Mama, I had a dream I was eating my seatbelt!”

“I’m silly, like woooooo, silly!”

BabyBug needs to learn to keep her tongue in its house!

“Don’t stick my tongue out, Mama? Oh, you mean like THIS? Don’t do THIS?”

069 074 078
Our little ham.

4 thoughts on “Party!

  1. Holy crap she is so stinkin cute I just can’t stand it! I LOVE the picture of Leah with her rouge stuck all the way out! What an ornery lil stinker! Wishing you luck at all Baby Bug’s appointments! Wishing you peace and joy-filled holidays!
    PS. I gathered from your blog that you are Jewish; is that correct? I didn’t want to offend by saying “Merry Christmas.”

    • Thank you very much! I bet it won’t be as cute when she sticks her tongue out a few years from now. πŸ˜‰ For the time being it’s just adorable, although it needs to be addressed in therapy!! Thanks for the good luck and happy holiday wishes! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well, and be surrounded by those you love on whatever holiday you celebrate!! We are Jewish, yes, thanks for asking! We were so happy to have Leah home for the first night of Chanukah. Mandy’s family is Christian, though, so we will be spending December 24 and 25 with them! πŸ˜€ Everybody wants to see the little Bug! πŸ˜€ Thanks again for your comment!

  2. A glow seahorse! What’ll they think of next?

    (Josie’s just discovered her tongue. If we lived closer, we could set her up across from Leah and they could stick their tongues out at each other for hours.)

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