Okay, now for the real update

A slight bit of news for you today. The surgeons apparently came by this morning and said they want to cauterize the granulation tissue that has sprouted up around Leah’s Mic-Key button and also add some sutures so that the button will be better positioned and hopefully will not leak as much. It gets pretty grimy and gross (and doesn’t look very comfortable either), so hopefully this will be an improvement, although we’re not looking forward to another round of ventilators and IVs. While they have BabyBug in the OR they plan to do another contrast study (I think largely because they have her there anyway), and during this time they will do the study of the upper area that they postponed from last time. They will double-check to ensure that there is no tracheoesophageal fistula along the upper esophageal pouch (although they feel that they would have seen signs of that by now if she had one), and they will make sure that her trachea otherwise looks good. We’re not sure what day this will happen but we will keep you posted as we learn more.

2 thoughts on “Okay, now for the real update

  1. Ugh! I guess its all necessary to move ahead but I wish it were easier for Leah and both of you. Stay strong! Hope to see you next week : ) XO

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