Oh hai, we have a 7-lb baby

Our little bug is at 7 lbs 1 oz! Good girl!

Leah’s still having problems with her temperature – she clocked in at 102.2 degrees this morning, for the third time in four days. She continues to show no sign of a specific infection, but the doc noticed some changes in her chest x-rays and does think she aspirated a bit. They are continuing antibiotics, and have been giving her Albuterol every 6 hours to help her with breathing. They’re also watching the repogle a little bit more closely.

I’ve barely had time to take any pictures the past couple of days! I’ll have some soon!!! But here is one from the other day.


5 thoughts on “Oh hai, we have a 7-lb baby

  1. She looks so peaceful in the photo! Wow! Her weight is still climbing, even with a temp- nice work Leah Valerie! XO

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