Oh hai Facebook – you wanted a giraffe?

Okay, a real update TOMORROW, I swearz! But I had to share this picture – totally appropriate, right?

Oh hai Facebook! Here’s your giraffe!

BTW, “the door” is the only acceptable answer.

We are going to enjoy our Halloween tomorrow and put surgery out of our heads until Friday! (A likely story! It will be on our minds at every minute. But it was worth a shot, right?) We are looking forward to playing dress up with the Bug (ma nishtana, right?) and will definitely share pics in the evening. Rumor has it there may be a therapy dog costume parade. This completely needs to happen.

6 thoughts on “Oh hai Facebook – you wanted a giraffe?

  1. Haven’t commented in a while, but have been following every post. I hope you feel the strength of so many people behind you, Leah, and your family today. Much love from central Pennsylvania!

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