Not too much news to report today

Baby’s big news of the day is that the nurses started leaving her isolette open to see if she is able to continue regulating her own temperature. They also started easing her into interval feedings. We’ll report back tomorrow as to how she is tolerating these changes.

Leah is still just shy of 4 lbs. 3 lbs 15.1 oz. SOOOOO close.

In mama news… Mama Lisa went home for a couple of hours today to tend to the garden and hug the kitties. Three out of four cats agreed that it was nice to see me. A certain little someone gave me the cold shoulder for a good part of my visit. The rundown: Lobo is not pleased about this abandonment situation, but I think I bought an ounce of forgiveness by playing with him with his little birdie toy. Jeepers was thrilled to see me and wound around my legs the whole time I was there. Jasper asked where I had been, but that’s about it. And although it took S’mores about 20 minutes to show up, she too was very pleased to see Mama Lisa return to the farm. So the first half of Mama Lisa’s day was good. The second half was good re: visitors, and very very bad re: keeping food down. And that is all I will say.

Mama Mandy had a nice day in the NICU, and this afternoon she held LeahBug for over an hour!

As noted above, Leah had lots of visitors today – her Gran and Uncle Ralph, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Barbie, great-auntish Nancy (I hereby coin this term. Auntish. Noun. Meaning: Basically an aunt, but not. Offspring to be referred to as uncousins), and friends Jess and Toni. For the third time in a row, LeahBug opened her eyes as soon as Grandma Barbie walked in the room. She really put on a show for her Grandma. Not only did she open her eyes AND need a diaper change, but she cried. Not a little Lambchop bleat, but full-on scrunchy-faced waaaaaaaa-ing. She seems to have figured out she has this new talent and has been taking advantage of it since yesterday. This should be fun. 🙂

Once we were back at the house, we had what appeared to be a fire drill or false fire alarm. Really it was in the other house but I guess when one goes off the other one gets triggered too. They might be auto-tied to the fire department too, because two big fire trucks showed up with sirens as we all stood outside. And let me tell you, there were some little boys out there who were very, very excited to see big shiny red fire engines.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for… pictures!

Freshly-picked kumquats, rosemary, and about half of my squash harvest (some picked during the week by roommate). We put all of the kumquats and most of the squash out for others in the house to take.

Blackberries and blueberries from the garden. Those, we keep. 🙂

Peaceful Bug

BabyBug and Mama Mandy

Call off the Paparazzi Mamas! (The Mamarazzi?)

Baby with her open isolette

And lest you think every photo is peace and calm… here is a video that proves that I am a terrible, terrible person – and also easily amused.

Dramatic gestures add effect, don’t they? If you’d like to sing along, here are some alternate lyrics: “CHANGE MY DIAPER! CHANGE MY DIAPER! CHANGE MY DIAPER THIS MOMENT!”

4 thoughts on “Not too much news to report today

  1. Oh Wow; A lot happened after I left yesterday…Gran missed out on the tantrum! Our Leah has a mind of her own for sure!

  2. What a treat it was to meet Leah finally!!! and to hug her Mamas. She is even more precious in person!

  3. I can’t decide which looks more nommable there, the berries or her widdle fingers. *raids refrigerator for strawberries — next best thing!*

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