New video for you!

BabyBug had another day full of visitors! She spent most of the day sleeping. We’re keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow will be the day she breaks 4 lbs. Here’s hoping!

And now, a video for you. For context on the video’s title: Mandy and I have a tendency to pronounce Leah’s name differently. Mandy says Leeeeeah, whereas I use the Hebrew pronunciation of Ley-a. Like Leya-bug, meant to sound like Ladybug. I fully expect most people will call her Leeeeeah, but hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t have my own nicknames for her, right? I already have so many. BabyBug, LeahBug, BabyGirl, SnuggleBug, Poofy-Cheeks, Scrunchyface, Lambchop (when she cries, because she sounds like a little lamb baaaaah-ing), etc. What’s one more?

9 thoughts on “New video for you!

  1. I have been thinking of her with the Hebrew name. Dunno why, that is just how it has been in my head. Thinking of you, Mandy and Leah often.


    • Keep thinking of it that way! Hehe. 😉 We miss you lots. Hope everything is going well on your side of town/life. <3 <3 <3

  2. I’ve been thinking about you 3…and this very subject! (You know almost no one knows how to pronounce my name off the bat). My middle name is Lea (Ley-a) and although my parents agree on the pronunciation they had been inconsistent in the spelling over the years. So that’s been amusing at times. And in my opinion, the more names the better! I’ve got lots of nicknames and get called ‘Maya’ quite regularly. No harm, no foul.

    • Of course. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know how to pronounce your name when we were in pre-school. Didn’t it change between then and high school or something? LOL. Now I totally have to ask, what bugs you more – being called Maya or being called Dana or Dan-uh or whatever else people might be able to come up with?

      LOL that’s so funny – they have changed the spelling? I guess when you’re naming somebody in another language the spelling can vary in English… people are still asking us how to spell Leah, even when we pronounce it Leeeeeah.


    Yeah. I guess…I guess I feel strongly about Star Wars. 😉

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