Monday, Monday

I think it’s fair to say that BabyBug has entered the social-smiling phase. Not gonna lie – seeing that little face light up when we step up to the crib pretty much makes this whole ordeal TOTALLY WORTH IT.

In other news… Leah’s mostly the same today as she was yesterday, except with a bit more stridor and a bit more voice to the Donald Duck impression. She’s trying so hard to talk to us and gets all the more frustrated when she can’t.

They are starting to consolidate Leah’s feed’s so that she can work up to bolus feeding (i.e. all at once). The g-tube is still leaking, and we’re told they’re going to do a “g-tube holiday” at some point soon, during which they remove the g-tube for a couple of hours to allow the hole to close a little bit so that it won’t leak as much. Folks, don’t try this at home!!!

Also… it turns out the “memory full” error on my phone was apparently the result of corrupted data or something to that effect; by backing up my iPhone and then restoring from that back-up, I was able to clear up almost 10GB of space. I’m not sure whether to feel relieved that I can finally take iPhone pictures again or disappointed to have lost a little bit of my Mamarazzi street cred. Maybe a little bit of both.

006 (2)
Yesterday was Aunti Staci’s birthday and she came to celebrate with BabyPie! “Happy birthday Aunti Staci! I hear you’re allergic to wheat. Here, have my fingers instead of cake!”

020 (2)

019 (2)

027 (2)
Sweet smiley face

026 (2)
But still the expert EmoBaby

023 (2)

Caption, please.

“Oh Mama. You so silly.”

“But I love you anyway!”

“JUST KIDDING! I love you BECAUSE you’re Silly Mama!”

“I sticks my tongue out at you, Uncle Rowf!”

“Uncle Rowf, you kinda silly too.”

“Uncle Rowf, you silly like this: Woooooooooo, sillyyyyyyyyy.”

Our roommate sent us this pic of our precious Lobo this morning. He must have known she was sending it to us because he put on his extra-serious “you disappoint me” face.

5 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Amazing this child smiles and has such a happy face ……for all she has endured this is a testament to her moms and their “stand by me” attitude. You go Leah baby girl!!

    • Love those beautiful smiles i am seen in the pics….Makes me feel happy she is wide awake n so happy…..Glad she is feeling better n looking so much better…Ur cat is to cute w/ his face…lol….Still praying n i continue to check for updates about Leahbug…..All smiles here…Keep on smiling Leahbug n both mommys….

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