Today was Leah’s last dose of methadone. She is NOT PLEASED. To be continued…

We have been experimenting with cloth diapers, which I think is also slightly displeasing to the little one since she’s used to Pampers. It’s been an adventure but Leah is being pretty tolerant as babies go. So far we’ve tried Thirsties Duo All-In-Ones (both with and without extra inserts), Thirsties Duo Snap and Thirsties Duo Wrap, as well as Blueberry Coveralls. We’ve had some leaks and some successes – but overall we feel it’s a good step to take, and will save us money (and landfill space) in the long run, especially if we can transition to cloth wipes too. I used to joke about this when Leah was in the NICU and PICU – “Hey, but think of all the money we’re saving on diapers.” Ha. I think if we can hold out over the next couple of weeks, we might actually start to streamline the process and have it not be such an ordeal. We’re open to suggestions. Leah takes Lasix twice a day, which means her wet diapers are pretty heavy. So far, I prefer the all-in-ones (if we can just get them not to leak) whereas Mandy likes to go old-school and do the plain cloth diaper (with Snappies instead of safety pins) with the waterproof cover. It was a pretty funny scene in our room this morning, what with Mandy’s mom trying to teach her how to fold and pin the cloth diaper. What did people do before all these newfangled diapering doodads?

Houston, we have a problem and his name is Jeepers “All ur furniturez iz mine” Creepers.

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I think we might be close to the discovery of babyfeetses.

“I love these Tender Grips way more than cellophane tape!!! No more owies!”

Yesterday was a day of sleeping on loved ones. Here’s BabyBug knocked out on Uncle Ralph.

A little nap together.

Just kidding! He was only pretending! Silly Uncle Ralph!

Knocked out on Gran a little earlier in the day.

Knocked out on cousin Kim.

From cousin Kim’s viewpoint

We woke up for cousin Natalie’s lap!

Reading a book from Auntie Joan. Thanks Auntie Joan!

Greeting the lamby from Uncle Ricky and Auntie Heather. Thanks guys!

Our new Tubie Friend, who has his very own g-tube and nasal cannula! Thank you, Tubie Friends!

“Mama? I think this giraffe is on acid. I don’t think they’re supposed to be hot pink with flowers on their feet.”

We’re still working on keeping that paci in our mouth. Leah has a major tongue thrust, so as soon as we let go of the paci, it pops out. She lacks the coordination to keep it in by holding it or by continued sucking. The stuffed animal seems to help a little bit – the paci is attached to the animal, so Leah has a little bit more to hold on to.

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“Wheee! Look at me, getting into trouble with my g-tube!”

Magical Mommyshoulder

“What is this monkeypants monkey business?”


“Never mind. I’m good.”

8 thoughts on “Metha-don’t

  1. Glad to see her progression!

    Gotta admit, I had major tongue thrust, too. (Okay, not gonna lie, I have brief lapses, esp. when I sleep.) If you can work on ending that, you won’t be paying for an orthodontist later. Trust me, it does take work to end it.

    Give her a hug from the guy who was crazy enough to move to a place with 20 degree weather!

  2. Josie’s in fitted cloth diapers with snaps, and we use Sweetpea covers. We had leaks until we went up a size in the diaper so it really filled out the cover. (We do still use disposables for going out, though. I draw the line at carrying her output around with me.)

    Also, that expression in the g-tube pictures: “Hey, Mama, look what IIIIIIIII’M doing!” You are going to have your hands so full once she’s mobile, and I really look forward to reading about Leah’s exploits. 😀

  3. The baby looks like she is thriving and you mommies are to. Your so sweet working out about cloth diapers. I used only them. But had a diaper service…did not put those nappies in the washer. Ask Brian if they were comfortable? I am sure he remembers them being soft…the rubber pants on top were crinkly sounding. It is all what you get use to. Pampers had just come out and I used them only for travel and going out.
    Keep up the good work girls and of course the pictures.

  4. Friends who used cloth wipes got themselves an insulated coffee dispenser (like so ) and filled it with hot water every day. Then when they needed to clean, the had hot water “on tap” at the changing table. Everyone was more comfortable than with cold wipes.

    Most of my friends using cloth diapers used disposables when going out, and I know at least some used a diaper service which was still cheaper than disposable. Use whatever you can get to work for your family.

    • See, that would make me nervous – I wouldn’t want hot water that close to the changing table. Leah has been able to deal with cold wipes thus far so it doesn’t seem like she really minds it that much. The big change we’re making now is to try to switch to cloth wipes. We’re realizing it’s a pain in the ass to have cloth diapers going into the wet bag but then have this pile of disposable wipes of which we now have to… dispose.

      • You can use warm water instead. The goal was comfort, not sterilization temperatures I guess in Boston, hot water in winter is an easier sell!

  5. We use portos with covers (we have a hodgepodge of covers but our favorites are the litewraps). I remember we had a lot of leaks when Ayla was 4-6 months and we experimented with some intricate and creative folds (I think the jellyroll ended up working best for us). Then she started solids and we entered a brave new world! We do use doublers at night, which might be a good option for you, too. We use cloth wipes for wet diapers but usually cheat and use Costco disposable wipes for poo and when we’re out and about (we use disposable diapers then too, generally). And now that Ayla is in daycare she uses disposable everything there. But cloth has still saved us tons of dough and makes us feel a little better about our footprint, too.

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