Mama Dramarama

For those of you keeping track of the Mama Drama… the answer to the question, “How did it go Saturday night?” is that I just spent five hours in the ER this afternoon/evening after spending all of yesterday feeling like I drank acid and after being sick most of last night. The surgeon did say it could take a few weeks to see a difference since I’m still healing from surgery, so I’m not writing this off as a failure – I just think maybe Saturday was a leeeettle too early. Will keep you posted, as always.

Leah had a pretty uneventful day, which I guess is the best kind of day when you’re in the ICU. She had her blood drawn this morning (boo!) and her 6PM feeding was late (hiss!). She had a visit from her cousin Beth, who came bearing awesome gifts from various family members (pics when I upload a new set!). The little Bug wore herself out with crankiness (due to the late feeding) and now she’s totally knocked out in her vibrating throne. I think Mama will follow her lead and get some early sleep tonight. Maybe.

Our sleepy girl and her piiiiiinchy cheekies

6 thoughts on “Mama Dramarama

  1. Please nibble those cheecks for me. And while you’re at it some toe nibbling is always a delight. Feel better. I have a bleeding ulcer so we can take it slowly together. Avoid tomatoe and other acidic foods. All I want is a huge slice of pizza. Hugs to my three special friends!

    • The toes are my favorite part! Nom nom nom. Thanks – I’m sorry to hear about your ulcer. Like you need something else to deal with!! I’m right there with you on the pizza issue though. That sounds really good right about now, aside from the miserable days of pain that would ensue. :-/ I’d settle for a serving of Rush Street’s macaroni and cheese. Sigh.

  2. Ugh! Not the Lisa news I wanted : ( Onward and upward I hope from now on! Tell Leah I also get super cranks when my feeding is delayed and I totally get it! Hugs to all 3 of you XOXOXOX

  3. So sorry you didn’t feel well yesterday will be praying for continued healing Leah looks so cute in her little throne . A princess should always have a throne you know. Hope your’re feeling better tomorrow though. Send more pics when you do.

  4. Sorry the healing process isn’t going as fast as you deserve!

    Also, LeahBug and my little girl apparently already agree that dinner should arrive promptly when expected. Tagalong kicks the crap out of me if it’s food time and I haven’t started eating.

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