Lousy weekend in Peds

Okay, so I tried to post on Sunday and apparently it failed and I didn’t realize! So here is the update you should have seen Sunday:

Rough 24 hours in peds. BabyPie has taken to throwing up after every feed. Not just a little spit-up but like exorcist-style projectile vomiting. She is pretty unhappy. Needless to say, so are we. We miss PICU already. The nurses here don’t really know her so they don’t understand how atypical it is that she should be crying nonstop for over an hour.

And then here is the update I posted to Facebook yesterday:

Have been meaning to update the blog but BabyPie has been keeping us busy. She cried all day yesterday – and sounded like a sad little kitten, with her injured vocal cords. Today she has been working really hard to breathe but thankfully there has been no more vomiting – they stopped her feeds yesterday and today she’s on smaller feeds plus anti-nausea meds. Nobody is really sure what is going on, but there is some speculation that her methadone may have been weaned down too quickly. Also possible she may have aspirated when she threw up. Then again, it’s also possible the throwing up was from the methadone and the fever and irritability are from the vaccines she got later in the day on Saturday. Or maybe the methadone has nothing to do with anything and we’re just missing something. There is just a whole lot going on at once and hopefully things will settle down soon.

And then here is the brief update I would have posted last night had the Bug not kept me occupied:

Another rough night! Long update coming soon, I swearz! Bug has been having issues left and right! Tonight it was the g-tube flaring up with redness and soreness. Mama had the genius idea to swaddle her and it totally backfired – the g-tube was already red, but swaddling just reminded her how sore it was and she flipped her lid over it. But I did have a good reason for wanting to swaddle her. My little Rockette had been kicking her foot up to her head, grabbing the IV tube, and YANKING like she really meant it. This kid likes to pull stuff she shouldn’t be pulling!

Longer update coming soon!! For reals!!!

3 thoughts on “Lousy weekend in Peds

  1. Awww, poor Leah. IVs suck, so I understand the temptation. Still, kiddo, save the kicking for Radio City!

    I hope you all get a break from the Parade of Issues soon!

  2. I’m not a physician, however, I think you’re on to something with the methadone and being detoxed to quickly. That would explain alot of her actions and reactions…I’m just saying don’t rule it out.

    • I strongly agree that the Methadone was Detoxed to quickly n had everything to do w/ the reactions……Poor Leahbug…I know that darn IV pretty well sucks n sorry sweetie…Still praying n hoping u get feeling better ngo home soon…Hugs n kisses angel….

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