Loopy Mama

Let me just get the Mama update out of the way: Surgery seemed to go well. It will still be a little while before we know whether or not it actually worked; I need to heal first and can’t just dive face-first into a giant plate of chocolate cake (as fun as that sounds). My surgery was Monday morning, and by about noon today I was ready to head out. If I didn’t have a baby to get back to I probably would have stayed one more day, but I do, so I didn’t. In case you were wondering, my meals in the hospital consisted of heavily-salted broth, decaf coffee, generic Jell-O, and vanilla soy milk. Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Very exciting. The surgeon said I can experiment with solid foods starting over the weekend but not before then. Here’s hoping for some sort of positive change!! In the mean time, let’s just scrape by with as little pain as possible so I don’t completely lose the next few days in a Percocet haze.

Not too much on the LeahBug update front. The dietitian wants to start fortifying the breast milk again, but this time it would just be pure whey protein powder and not baby formula with unpronounceable mystery ingredients. We’ll have to decide on that in the next couple of days but I think pure protein powder is better than formula, at least. Speaking of nummy protein… Leah has fiiiiinally discovered that fingers can go in mouths. She’s still working on the whole thumb-sucking arrangement, but she’s managed to nom on her fingers a few times. I knew she would catch on eventually!

I had a lot of spare time in the car today (thanks again for shlepping me around, Dad!!!) so I started tweeting at some of my favorite folks on Twitter in the hope that they would retweet and get the word out about Leah’s story and our GoFundMe page. Look who answered our call:


095 099

How freaking cool is that? Thank you, Jane Espenson and Amber Benson!!!

If you are on Twitter, will you please retweet their posts?

And finally, I certainly can’t post pictures on the blog without posting BabyBug’s sweet little face, so here you go:

We are SO CLOSE!

Almost a smile…

Sweet baby-doll! Look at that tiny tongue! We need to figure out a way to keep it inside that tiny mouth. Any suggestions, speech-path posse?

Now it is time for me to sleep. Forgive me if I don’t remember any of this in the morning. :-/

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  1. So glad you’re doing well, Lisa! Continue to take good care in your recuperation! The tweets are cool, but I don’t speak Twitter (barely understood those tweets actually – lol!) and don’t know how to tweet, so re-tweeting is practically impossible! I am sure that others in Leahbug’s fanbase will be re-tweeting! Warning: my preteen step-granddaughter had such a time getting that thumb out of her mouth! I hope that Leahbug’s new discovery doesn’t turn into Shelby’s decade-long obsession! Hugs to you all!

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