Long days make for short blogs

It was a long day in the NICU – some of it good (yay for visitors) and some of it not so good. Leah screamed for so long and so loudly that blood started coming out of the suction tube. Poor kid had dried blood all around her lips and looked like a baby vampire. Will post more tomorrow. We should also have some cute pics for you tomorrow. 

No weight gain to report. Screaming fits count as exercise in Babyland. We burned too many calories today!

3 thoughts on “Long days make for short blogs

  1. My goodness, Little Bug! I love vampire stories, but our sweet Leahbug a Leahvamp? No, no, no. Relax, breathe, rest, and hug your Mommies. You are the adorable one, so there’s nothing to get so upset about. Prince George? Jimmy Fallon’s baby girl? You’re gettin’ a cool baby cohort there, but you are the star! Sweet dreams!

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