LeahBug and the Very Special Weekend

This has been a Very Special Weekend. Yesterday, our sweet Bug had three special experiences. She wore her first Halloween costume, she had her first photoshoot, and she met her first doggies!!!

A while back, a friend of a friend generously offered to donate a photo session for MsLeahBug, for which we were very excited and grateful, because while you may be saying to yourself, “Wait – they want MORE pictures????” there really aren’t that many nice photos of the three of us all together. So after the requisite adorable-sleeping-tinytot photographs, we took some nice family portraits, and I’m very excited to see them.

BabyPie also wore her Halloween costume for the first time yesterday (’cause PICTURES!). Since we won’t have the professional pictures for a few weeks, you are just going to have to wait until Halloween to see how ridiculous this costume is.

Finally… Leah met her first doggies yesterday! There are volunteer therapy dogs who come through occasionally, and yesterday we caught them as they passed and invited them to meet BabyBug. I am a Cat Person and am on a very strict dog-by-dog basis (meaning I like any particular cat until it gives me a reason not to, and vice versa for dogs). These dogs were all sweethearts, especially the fluffy soft golden retriever who was dressed up as a nurse. Oh wait – did I forget to mention that the dogs were wearing Halloween costumes???

The dogs that visited yesterday were as follows: Collie in a Dodgers uniform, Nurse Golden Retriever, Yorkie in a costume I don’t remember, and Fluffy White Dog (I don’t think that one was dressed up). One of the volunteers brought the Yorkie, Ayla, over to where Mandy was holding Leah, and Ayla put her little paw on Leah’s shoulder. Leah responded by reaching out and grabbing a handful of dog, just as she holds her little lovies (those little square blankets with stuffed-animal heads) and security blankies. It was ridiculous. Everybody in the room was smiling.

We take a family portrait with the itty bitty Yorkie

Yorkie says, “Hello, large bald puppy.”

LeahBug says, “Hello, moving lovey!”

Today, one of the PICU nurse leaders fulfilled our silly sentimental eccentric request and allowed us to put LeahBug in an isolette to show her growth progress. The three pictures are essentially birth, double birth weight, and a little over three times birth weight. The difference between the second and third photos is not sooooo radical, but when you look at where she started and where she is now, the difference is pretty breathtaking.


Oh – yeah, and you’re probably wondering how our meeting went with the surgical team! It was pretty straightforward. At this point the biggest questions we have won’t be answered until Friday, when BabyPie goes to the OR and they are able to see the gap “in-person” for the first time. I am hoping hoping hoping that we have good news for you at that point. Her procedure should start around noon – they have a small case and a moderate one before her. Please keep Leah in your thoughts on Friday!!!!

011 012

093 094
Snapped these while we were waiting for Valerie (yes, the photographer’s name is Valerie!!) to move her car. Look at that little tongue – what a sassy baby! “Nyeah, nyeah, mama! I don’t know what I’m nyeaing about, but it seems appropriate! Aye!”

The Mamarazzi were not finished once BabyBug was tucked into bed. Even though she appeared to be trying to tell us something…

…and then tried a little harder to get her message across…

…but how can you stop taking pictures of this face? How, I ask you?

Our little cheekies are so red from tape. 🙁

Caption, please!

She’s just too cute.

See above re: excessive cute.

“Oh, you talkin’ about me, Mama? Yep. I’m pretty cute.”

6 thoughts on “LeahBug and the Very Special Weekend

  1. Costumes, puppy love and pix – oh my! What a great post and great week-end for you all! Love the photos and the update! I will certainly be thinking and praying and loving Leahbug this Friday!!! Three brave, brave girls — hugs to you all! Soon now!

    • That was very beautiful words n pics of Leah….Glad to hear u all had a great weekend n i am about to sent out a picture for some reminders for them to continue prayers n keep her in their thoughts….Hugs n prayers to u all….Sending love from Facebook to u all……God bless…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Leah is just getting cuter I cuter! I can barely stand it! Stay strong before and on Friday. You can get through this! XO

  3. I first saw your baby on the preemie of the month and thought she was adorable and i dont usually find babys to be very cute i just wabted to say i know how hard it is to not be able to take your baby home and have to live in the picu but i just want to say your little girlis very lucky to have you both in her life and your love for her and each other will get you guys through thisplease keep us posted our prayers and thoughts are with all of you
    Sending love and prayers sahara and the rest of the vega family

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for your thoughts and prayers for Leah! We appreciate it. <3 p.s. Preemie of the Month? Where is that? 🙂

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