Here we are again!

Leah had her dilation Thursday morning, and we were back at home by the early afternoon. It was very hot at home and Leah was pretty cranky – and before we knew it she had worked herself up to a fever of 101.6. At its highest it was 101.9, but somewhere in the mid-100’s I started trying cooling measures. When after 45-60 minutes her fever had not decreased, I gave her Tylenol and called the Peds clinic as instructed on Leah’s discharge papers. The advice nurse told me to take Leah to see a doctor locally just so she could be examined, but a few minutes later she called me back and told me she had paged the doctor who did Leah’s dilation and he wanted her back at the hospital to be admitted for overnight observation. The fever could be from the heat or maybe from the anesthesia, but it could also be from an infection arising from an esophageal perforation.

Once she was admitted to the hospital, they did a chest x-ray (which looks fine) and a blood culture. Today they did a viral swab and urine culture as well, to rule out regular baby stuff. Initially it had sounded like they were only going to keep her overnight for observation, but ultimately the doctor decided he wanted to keep her for the full 48-hour blood culture, which means we will likely be here until Sunday morning. As the doctor put it, the risk of a perforation / infection occurring is very low, but the risk to Leah’s health if it does occur is very very high, so although it will likely turn out to be nothing, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

On the bright side, Leah had a visit today from her great-grandpa as well as her great-uncle and great-aunt, who live on the east coast and met her for the first time today. We were supposed to have dinner with them tonight but Leah had her own plans, so it turned into a hospital visit instead.

Speaking of Leah’s having her own plans… our tiny bug is turning a year old in less than a week!! How did that happen????

Baby jail again, Mamas?

More photos coming soon. It takes time to sort and upload them, and those captions don’t write themselves, ya know. Well, some of them do…

3 thoughts on “Here we are again!

  1. I will be praying that all is well and she will be release tomorrow. God is on control and He will fix everything so just have lots if hope and pray and mommas don’t even fret. Leah Bug is an awesome baby girl and she comes out with flying colores every time. Cousin Marilyn loves all of you see you soon.

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