FussyBug is feeling a little better

LeahBug is doing a lot better today, although she still had a mild fever earlier in the day. Thanks for all your thoughts and check-ins! She had her moments of fussiness (and screaming) but overall it was a better day today than yesterday. The doc said it was hard to tell from Leah’s chest x-ray, but she may have gotten some fluid into her lungs (aspiration) and that could be the cause of the fever. They took some  nose swabs in addition to the blood draw so that they can check for viral infection as well as bacterial, but the doc said if nothing comes up she will treat as though aspiration is the issue, just in case. They will keep an eye on her. It would make sense since she has been having so much trouble with the repogle. 

Leah weighed 7 lbs 3 oz today, but we are wary about this number since her last weight (like, yesterday) was 6 lbs 11 oz. and she has been burning a lot of calories by crying. So this weight is probably wrong. She has her IV boxing-glove, so that could be adding a few grams, but not a few ounces. We’ll let you know later this weekend whether that weigh-in was correct or way off. 

We spent a couple of hours this afternoon at an event for new parents of babies with Down syndrome. It was nice to be in that space. We only wish we could have brought the Bug with us. She could have made some new friends! 

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