What a thoroughly exhausting few hours.

I had an appointment at noon today so Mandy drove me; we called in to check on the baby and she was doing fine, albeit a little cranky. After my appointment we had to go run some administrative errands for baby stuff and for Mandy’s work. When we got back to the NICU in the late afternoon, one of the other moms was heading out and said something along the lines of, “Oh, man, are the nurses going be happy to see you…” Apparently BabyBug had been cranky for a very long time, and they had pulled out all the stops – rocking her, singing to her, playing music to her. They even brought out a little portable baby swing and tried swinging her. By the time we got in there, the nurse was sitting on the step-stool with BabyBug in her lap and the kid was going nuts.

We did a little bit better with her, but really only slightly. She was just pissed off. For the next couple of hours we proceeded to use all of the tricks we know. I’m pretty sure I need a new set of knees from bouncing, and I ran out of Shabbat songs to sing. We would get her to be calm for a little while, and then she would remember she was upset and start crying again. Her uncle Ralph came to visit her, and patted her on the back and sang to her, and that didn’t work either. Nothing worked. By the time the new nurse came on duty, BabyBug had a fever just over 102 degrees.
We don’t know what exactly is going on. She has seemed very gassy and tummy-achey all day, so we think she has not been feeling well because of that. She’s been a little stink-bomb. But I’m not sure if that would cause a fever. Could be that she had herself so worked up that she got overheated, especially since she was swaddled to keep her calmer. The doc said her Mic-Key button doesn’t look infected, and she said her lungs sound good (she was worried about pneumonia). She ordered some blood cultures and they gave the baby some Tylenol and some IV antibiotics (yeah, the kid has a boxing glove AGAIN). I guess since the blood cultures take 2 days they start the antibiotics right away and then if the cultures come out negative they can stop the antibiotics after 48 hours. All I know is that if I’m thoroughly exhausted just from trying to comfort the baby, I can’t even imagine how exhausted she must be from screaming all day. *WHEW*



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  1. Hang in there mamas. She’s got a bug she’s fighting. She has no way to express it other than crying or throwing down those baby tantrums. It will get better! I’m sure the tubes and what not must aggravate her belly too. It shall pass! 🙂

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