Family reunion!

BabyBug had a big day today! Aunti Staci and Grandpa Mannie came over in the morning, and Aunti Staci proved that she can’t be left alone with Mama Lisa’s phone. I really should have known better – any phone that winds up in her little hands generally returns to its owner with a background picture of Aunti Staci. Oy vey. Sneaki Aunti!!!

A little while after Staci and Grandpa arrived, Leah got to meet her cousins Phyllis and Roy and one of their daughters, Marci. It was a nice little reunion; Phyllis is my grandpa’s niece and they hadn’t seen each other in years and years. If you’re reading, it was absolutely awesome to see you guys and I hope you had a nice visit. Please definitely let us know next time you’ll be in our neck of the woods. And Marci, there’s a pair of bitty babyfeet waiting for you in the PICU whenever you want to come visit again. 🙂

After our cousins left, my sister and grandpa stayed to visit for a bit and then headed home as well. Shortly thereafter began another round of visits; Gran came over, followed by friends Cheryl and Gary. After they left, Gran chilled with LeahBug while Mommy graded some papers and Mama got some stuff done on the computer. Eventually things settled down and we got back to Mommy+Mama+Baby time, which is a fancy way of saying that Mama and Mommy spent a couple of hours dancing and singing and bouncing and rocking and patting and petting (and Lasix-diaper-changing) to get a BabyBug to sleep. She would fall asleep in our arms and then morph into Ms. ScrunchyFace the minute we put her down. We were finally able to get her to sleep in her bed a little earlier this evening and managed to get in one episode of “Breaking Bad.” We are trying to catch up on the current season before somebody goes and spoils it for us on Facebook like they did with the season finale of “True Blood.” Not cool!!!! We’re watching it with headphones so that our child doesn’t come out of the PICU with a little bit too much knowledge for her own good. Just finished the second episode.

Other than that, there’s not too much to report. Leah’s still hovering around 9.5 lbs and her g-tube site is looking good, though they’re still doing silver nitrate every few days, as needed, to keep the granulation tissue under control. She just needs to grow grow grow, and keep from aspirating! Mama Lisa has her surgery on Monday and will be in the hospital for a few days. I had my pre-op appointment on Friday and at some point I remarked that I had never spent a night in the hospital. Then I had to pause for a moment, think about how silly that sounded, and clarify that I had never spent a night in the hospital as a patient. Oy vey.

In other news, Leah’s nurse tonight is a Buffy fan and loves Dar Williams AND Raining Jane. Coooooooool.

And now, what you’ve really been waiting for: Pictures!

008 (2)
Yes, this happened.

Supah-Stah says, “Fan me with palm fronds!”

This face!

No, wait – THIS face!

THIS FOOT! We’re practicing for our debut as a Rockette.


021 (2)
Mama and Baby and Grandpa, oh my!


Grandpa can’t take his eyes off BabyPie!

She was so comfy on his lap!

Staci goes for cutesie, Leah goes for emo

Leah is making plans

“Aunti Staci, do you see what these people put on me today? So humiliating.” And yet SO CUTE.

Cousins Phyllis and Marci and Aunti Staci and Grandpa Mannie. I think cousin Marci might be about to abscond with a babyfoot.

Cousin Phyllis snuggling a baby!

007 (2)
“Oh hai, Cheryl! I like your dress! Does it come in size 3 mo?”

3 thoughts on “Family reunion!

  1. All the family love makes me so happy.

    Re: Breaking Bad — Hmmm. Perhaps I should have used headphones whilst watching Game of Thrones. My kid recognizes and wiggles for the theme song, and she’s not even born yet. This makes me a bad parent already, doesn’t it? 😉

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