Exciting day for BabyBug (bearing in mind that excitement is all relative)!

Leah had a long day full of fun and excitement. She had lots of visitors, and she has some cool things to tell you, the biggest of which is that our BabyBug FINALLY reached 4 lbs! Or 4 lbs, 1 oz to be exact. It doesn’t really mean anything medically; Mandy and I just wanted to see her get out of the 3 lb range. Good girl!

BabyGirl also wore her very first clothes today! It just kind of came out of the blue; she was a little bit cold with her isolette constantly open, so the nurse put her in a little shirt. A very little shirt. And she still swam in it. See the picture below.

Leah also had visits from Aunti Staci (who taught her the art of taking selfies), her Gran (Mandy’s mom), and Mandy’s cousins Beth and Brian along with their daughter, “Auntie Erin,” who is surely already planning a most awesome wardrobe collection for Leah to wear once she gets sprung from this joint.

Leah also spent a longer time outside the isolette than ever before! I kangaroo-held her for over an hour earlier today, and Mandy did the same for nearly an hour this afternoon. Her oxygen level fell below 90% a couple of times, but she self-corrected and even more importantly, she didn’t turn blue once! Good girl! After Leah was weighed tonight and wrapped back into her swaddle, Mandy held her in burrito-form. No, not burrito-style. Just, you know, all wrapped up.

Sweet peaceful bug

More sweet peaceful bug

Smiley peaceful bug

I so want to kiss the top of that little head, but in the NICU it’s probably a bad idea.

High five, little girl!

Leah is either playing Dr. Spock or channeling her inner Kohan. I was imagining her saying “may the force be with you” until I remembered that’s totally the wrong movie. Bad geek! Bad!

BabyGirl and Aunti Staci. “She looks just like me!”


Aw shucks, you don’t say…

Tada! It’s… a spa robe? A muu  muu?


Baby burrito

Baby burrito with open eyes

8 thoughts on “Exciting day for BabyBug (bearing in mind that excitement is all relative)!

  1. So awesome to see her without all the tubes she looks so sweet. I’ve been praying for her to keep gaining weight and getting stronger. I can’t wait to see her and hold her.

    • Hi Marilyn! Thanks! 🙂 She still has a lot of the tubes and wires; you just can’t see them as well when she’s swaddled. 🙂 She has one going down her throat into her esophagus, one feeding breast milk directly into her stomach, and about four different wires that monitor various functions (e.g. heart rate, oxygen saturation level, etc.). She’s still all sorts of hooked up. But it’s definitely less overwhelming than it was in the first week, when she still had the vent and the IVs on top of all that!

  2. Thank you so much. I am thoroughly enjoying all the news and photos of the sweetest little angel. She just melts my heart. Hooray for her reaching the 4 lb mark!! Thinking about all of you and wishing you well. Sending love.

  3. Hi! I’m Stef’s sister…I just wanted to wish you guys all the best with your sweet little girl. She looks like a fighter and I hope she continues to grow and do well!! Best of luck!

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