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Sorry for the delay in updating. I’ve now received multiple emails and texts asking where the update is, and my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are ganging up on me in person to demand a new post. Uncle Ralph says lack of sleep is not an excuse. Hehehe. πŸ™‚

Not too much going on here. BabyBug is behaving herself, the nurses are behaving themselves… Really though, they have all been awesome. It was just the one who was Mean Mean Mean. Thanks for all your supportive comments and solidarity! The outcome of that whole mess is that they put an order into the system to ensure that her tube is flushed and checked at intervals, so at minimum we know that’s happening. I think the story even got to the PICU doctor, because he made a comment about maybe moving her to Peds later on when she is more stable, and I said she needs constant attention to her suction tube (they have more patients per nurse in Peds) and he said, “I heard.” I guess word gets around when a parent throws a fit. :-/

Mommy Mandy is back to work now and her first week went well. She misses BabyBug during the day but is glad to be back. Mama Lisa is doing okay – started some new meds and they have provided a tiny bit of relief, but not enough. I have a surgery scheduled at the end of September and am hoping that will restore some normalcy to my otherwise thoroughly upside-down days. I do miss good food. Or like… solid food in general.

FYI: Leah is starting to make tiny vocal sounds. Her favorite “word” right now is a sweet little “Aye.” Hopefully we will catch it on video and share.

Piiiiinchy cheeks!

4 thoughts on “Delinquent BlogMama

  1. Nice to have some normal time isn’t it? Your right about moving her to PEDS. Not unless they make you and push you and the bed together. Dig in say not yet. Glad Mandy is back to work…makes seeing you both all the sweeter. Be well all of you.

  2. Love this photo and your update — thank you! Your supporters (aka Sweetbugfans –is that strong enough? Leahbuglovers? I see a fund-raising t-shirt/sweatshirt….hmmm?) check in constantly to see “the latest” — but we know you’re doing your best! Does this make any sense? The heat and long week-end have melted my brain…. Just wanted to tell Mama Mandy and Mama Lisa to take very good care of themselves! Feel better, Lisa — good ole solid food is around the corner! (Sorry that will involve surgery for you — but sounds like that will help!) Don’t work too hard, Mandy! You may need to adjust/revise how you do things, which is just fine because you will always do them well!

    • Thank you Sharon! Hahaha, we call you guys her cheerleaders right now but we’ll have to think of a cuter name. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the cheers!

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