Crrraaaanky baby

BabyBug was very, very cranky today. We think she’s still really feeling the Mic-Key insertion site, and it’s looking a little bit red. They will continue to monitor it. In the mean time, BabyBug let out some epic wails this evening. We went home for a bit this morning so we stayed at the NICU ’til nearly 10PM. It took us SO LONG to calm her down, at least an hour. She would fuss for a bit, be comforted by one of us singing or petting her head, and then fuss again. Finally we had the nurse give her some Tylenol, and Mandy rocked her in the chair while I read “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” She finally drifted off to the tune of the Cheshire Cat, and we deposited her in the isolette and tiptoed out of the NICU.

If you’re keeping track… Leah is back down to 5 lbs 8 oz, from a high of 5 lbs 13 oz. She’s had a rough couple of days so it’s not surprising to see a loss.

3 thoughts on “Crrraaaanky baby

  1. Give Leah some sweet and gentle kisses from me. And take a few for yourselves. Mommies are being so brave and strong throughout this. Sending strength to you.

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