Catching up (again)

I wrote this last week, intending to finish up the photoblast by the end of the week, but as you know, some stuff happened and I didn’t have time. So I’m posting the belated update on Leah’s ABR as well as pictures to begin catching up to the present.

Here we go:

Leah had her auditory brainstem response test last Tuesday morning, so we had a little visit with LeahBug’s pals in PICU. We got to see a lot of Leah’s nurses, as well as the very sweet guy who delivered the hospital breakfasts and lunches to the PICU and Peds rooms. Even the folks who maintain the rooms remember LeahBug – she makes friends everywhere she goes! There were some nursing students there as well, and their professor thought Leah was just precious.

By coincidence, PICU put us in the room that was vacated last Monday by one of Leah’s little friends. Both babies (Leah and her buddy) were in NICU and PICU together, and the other little girl transferred to a different type of facility on Monday so she can try to transition back home after her recent return to PICU.

The test Leah had Tuesday was meant to determine whether she has genuine hearing loss or whether her failure to respond to some auditory stimuli is a matter of learning to tune stuff out after nearly 7 months in the ICU with alarms constantly going off. The test is done while the baby is unconscious, which can either be via sleep or sedation. Since Leah was wide awake, they proceeded to place an IV, and it took them three attempts and four nurses and a student, including the charge nurse and a NICU nurse. That’s our tiny-veined Bug! She screamed so hard from the whole ordeal that she wore herself out – and they wound up beginning the test without sedation because she was fast asleep. How’s that for irony? In any event, she started to stir, so they did have to go ahead and give her the drugs so they could finish the test.

The results haven’t yet been read and interpreted by Leah’s ENT, so we don’t know for sure what this will mean for Leah, but the tests showed that Leah’s hearing was largely normal, except that 1) her right ear is more firmly in the normal range than her left ear; 2) she does have some left-side “mild high-frequency loss at 4kHz only.” Additionally, the DPOAE test was successful in her right ear but not her left, which can sometimes indicate a hearing problem, but in Leah’s case it probably just reiterates what we already know: Leah’s left ear canal is particularly small and possibly oddly-shaped and that can interfere with physical examinations.

Here are some pictures from last month – I have more to share but this will have to do for now.

This goes in my “Babymoticons” folder under, “Really? Really?”

Um… I think this one does, too.

We are liking our high chair lately!

173 174
We’re trying to stay neutral in the great baseball team debate (because Grandma likes the Red Sox and Grandpa likes the Dodgers) but Leah seems to be expressing her own opinion. I guess we’ll need to get her a Red Sox jumper so we can determine whether she prefers the Red Sox or just dislikes baseball entirely. Personally, I prefer figure skating. I’m just saying.

Just a little flashback to the first time Leah wore this jumper…

She’s calmed down a little bit, at least.

Goofy baby

Baby toes are the best toes, but Mama knuckles are the best knuckles.

094 093
Mama fingers aren’t so bad either.

But babytoes are still the best.

Somebody loves her Mommy very, very much.

Hint: It’s a SILLY somebody.

Forehead kisses!


“ERM, Mermy, yer squershing mer ferce.”

SuperBug contemplates her next move.

Aaaand it’s her unbeatable SMILE-leg-kick combo!!

“Cellophane, Baby Cellophane…”

That’s a lot of effort for one tiny baby face.

But it paid off!!

We are just like our Aunti Staci – NO SOCKS FOR FEETS!

Bendy Baby does leg lifts.


We might have the sweetest baby on the planet.

026 023
No socks for feets. Socks for mouths.

As I said… sweetest baby on the planet.

We love our veggies, even if we only get to nom on them.

Watermelon is pretty awesome too.

Dainty baby

Goofy baby – again.

Pleased-as-punch Baby

Couldn’t think of anything to put on her face for Passover so she got frogs. ‘Cause they were in Pharaoh’s bed… and on his head…

Bendy baby doesn’t need no steenkin’ diaper.

Our first Pesach! Seder at Auntie Kimmy’s.

Definitely BFFs right here.

“Mama, what’s Dayenu?”

Let’s get this meal started already!

Our little family!

Sweet froggy cheeks

Valley girl selfies.

4 thoughts on “Catching up (again)

  1. Josie has that My Little Pony onesie, too! It looks just as darling on Leah.

    Glad you’re getting some answers about her hearing!

  2. Been away for a while so seeing that precious little face n smile brightens my day….Thank u n keep the pictures coming…

  3. Such a sweet photo of the three of you!!! Did you do anything in particular for Leah’s first birthday? (That’s a not-so-subtle way of asking for another blog update.) xoxo

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