Bug Status

Well, the only status we have so far is that the Bug doesn’t appear to have a bug. Her nose swabs came back with no virii detected, and her blood cultures show no growth after 24 hours. They will keep checking it for a couple of days, I think, and in the mean time she is still on antibiotics. She has continued to be a little stinkbomb. After her Tylenol Friday night her temperature was pretty decent, and it wasn’t terrible yesterday either, but this morning at about 5:45AM she had another reading of 102 degrees. I still wonder if it is possible for her to cry and scream so much that she overheats. The doctor says that’s very high for just getting worked up, though. I guess we shall see!

2 thoughts on “Bug Status

  1. it can happen, my lisa caused herself a fever any time i took her to the dr. give her a kiss for auntie glenda.

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