Big Bug

This morning, a certain someone broke 12 lbs for the first time EVER. LeahBug tipped the scales at 12 lbs 5 oz at her doc visit today. Her length is 24 inches. She started out at 3 lbs 5 oz and 16.4 inches. BabyBug is growing, slowly but surely!

In other news… Leah has most definitely discovered her feet. She spent most of today trying to catch them. Actually, she was really about catching her entire leg. She might also have enrolled secretly in ballerina training. She keeps grabbing her leg and pulling it up to her head.


Other firsts for today: Leah met the doctor and nursies who helped to bring her into existence! We took her for a visit to the fertility clinic we went to when we were trying to get pregnant, and she got to say, “Hey, thanks for making me!” to our very awesome doctor! Then later, Leah had her first dinner date with her “cousin” Ry Ry (my BFF’s son), who seemed to be trying very hard to figure out what she was all about, and ultimately decided that if Leah was gonna get a mommy-lap, he should demand one too.

Leah hasn’t been up to too much else, aside from eating her monkey dollie, nomming on Glo Worm’s face, and finding creative ways to dislodge her nasal cannula at night (my personal favorite is the Vampire maneuver, in which she pulls the cannula down into her mouth with the tubes going up under her top lip so that she looks like a vampire). We have been doing a fair bit of dancing around the living room. I’m pretty sure Leah knows all of the words to the “Mr. Ed” theme song now, and I SWEAR when I played “The Munsters” for her, she recognized it from all the times I’ve sung it to her. That’s my girl!

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