Be careful what you joke about…

Sorry for the delay! LeahBug has been a little bit fussy the past couple of days as it is time for her four-month vaccines. We had them spread out over a few days so as not to slam her little body with so much in one huge shot, but that didn’t stop her from spiking a little fever yesterday. It was only 99.5 degrees, but I could tell she was working up a fever even when her temp was reading at 98.3 and then 98.7. Isn’t that weird? I was saying all afternoon that she felt warmer than usual. Maybe she takes after her mama and runs a low body temperature. She was fine today though, fever-wise, though she slept through most of the day. She did cough out her tube 3 different times and also yanked it off once, tape and all. Baby: 4. Repogle: 0.

In the afternoon. Leah woke up to visit with her Mama’s bestie, Auntie Z, while Mama played outside with Z’s baby RyRy. The plan had been for Gran to watch RyRy while Z visited with Leah and me, but I got a phone call this morning from the ER downstairs informing me that Ms. Gran had fallen and potentially broken her wrist. Oh no! As it turns out, yes, Gran has an impacted fracture in her wrist. They had to put her arm in some sort of torture device to straighten it out for splinting. Owwwwww.

There is a really long hallway on the way upstairs to PICU, and I always joke that I really want to roller-skate down that hallway. Many folks respond that they would probably break a bone if they tried, and I point out that if you have to fall, what better place than a hospital hallway where you’re already 50 feet from the emergency room? But dear Gran, I didn’t ask for a volunteer demonstration!! We are very glad it was just the wrist and not something bigger and more serious, but it still completely sucks and we hope it heals quickly and that they don’t need to operate. Feel better soon!!!

Auntie Z holds BabyBug for the first time!

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