Bathtime for Baby!

Well, we had a very long day today – we had to stop at home in the morning and I picked a zucchini that was probably bigger than Leah in length and weight. Then I had to go to the Pit of Despair, a.k.a. the DMV. We FINALLY got to see LeahBug this afternoon, and we stayed well past shift change tonight to make up for having been terribly, terribly late. It’s so hard being away even half of the day.

As we were checking in today we could hear a couple of angry little meowls coming from her “pod,” and we just KNEW it was her. Sure enough… she was very mad about her tummy situation. She’s one gassy little baby. I guess when you can’t burp, the air in your belly can only go out one way! On the bright side, our little one was 5 lbs 3.5 oz today! Wow! Go go go little LeahBug! Grow grow grow!

We did have one special treat tonight: We got to give LeahBug a bath for the first time. It’s really more of a sponge bath for the NICU babies – or really a wipe bath if we’re being particular. But we washed her little hair and scrubbed behind her ears all the way to her little toesies. She was soooooo wide awake and was a little squirmy wormie. She was enjoying being out of her diaper, although Mandy and I were a little nervous and told the nurse she was being awfully brave. I don’t even want to ask how many blankets get wrecked during bath time…

Bathing our pot-bellied BabyBug and holding up strategically-placed wipie so the photo will be blog-appropriate. Gotta leave her with some dignity, especially after posting that cross-eyed photo!


I took a picture of this newborn pic while we were at home. What do we think – does she look like me?

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