Baby’s New Throne

We stayed over at the hospital last night. I woke up at 4AM but thankfully Leah was still asleep so it was just a minor interruption. Cut to about 6AM – we woke up to a SCREEEEEEAMING baby, because some meanie nurses came to steal some of her blood! How dare they! Ooooh, she was mad. I draped myself over the edge of the crib (who can stand up straight at that hour?) and petted her back to sleep. Win! Mandy got to take the next wake-up call in the 8AM hour. Another win!

We had to run a couple of errands today, so once we left the hospital in the late morning, we didn’t get back until the early/mid afternoon. WELL. As we know, Leah has impeccable timing. I headed up to the PICU while Mommy Mandy was parking the car, and I could already hear angry little yells as soon as I walked down the hall toward Leah’s room. I got to the room and stepped inside, and man, that kid was PISSED OFF. One of the med students was in there looking kind of helpless, and I washed up and scooped up our tiny tot, who promptly fell asleep. The nurse returned shortly thereafter and explained that somehow Ms. BabyBug’s Mic-Key button had fallen out. The whole issue was resolved swiftly; the surgical team re-inserted the Mic-Key and all was right in the world of otherwise-discombobulated baby bellies. Apparently the button just kind of floated out and her lunchtime feed followed it, soaking her clothes. It sounds like there wasn’t enough fluid in the balloon to keep it in place – or maybe Leah was just trying to get a head start on Wednesday’s replacement. Leah is fine, but I’m sure none of it was very comfortable, and after an ordeal like that the only proper medicine is Arms-of-Mommies. The kid practically passed out the minute I laid her onto my lap.

Leah had a lovely little nap and then visited with her Aunti Staci. We brought in a bouncy chair this afternoon, so we decided to try it out once Leah was more awake. She is so small so the harness didn’t work and she kept sliding down, so we had to roll up a blanket for her to sit on to make her tall enough to be buckled in. Yes – she needed a booster-seat to sit in the bouncy seat! But once we had her settled in, she loved it! She didn’t know what to do with herself so she crossed her eyes a bunch of times and looked around frantically, trying to take it all in. We noticed that she seemed to fixate on the pink mousie toy (thanks a bunch for pointing out its inappropriate shape, Aunti Staci). She’s looking at it in almost all of the pictures. I thought maybe it was because it was a brighter color than the other toys, but as I was posting the pictures tonight I realized that she may have recognized Mr. Mousie from her mobile; that’s where he used to live. That would be pretty impressive!

Later in the evening, Uncle Ralph came to visit and he and Bug had a nice time snuggling while Mommy Mandy took a nap in preparation for another sleepover. It’s just Mommy and BabyBug tonight; Mama Lisa is back at RMH so she can get a good night’s sleep. Well… there’s still time.

Oh hey look – a video! Mama Lisa and Aunti Staci introduce Empress Baby to her new throne.

002 (2)
In one of our childhood home videos, I’m performing a song for the camera but somehow the lens drifts off of me and focuses on my toddler sister, who is mimicking and mocking me in the background. With that in mind, I would like to thank my child for upstaging her Aunti Staci in this photo.

005 (2)
“You don’t say?”

“Whoa! A bouncy chair? For reals?”

“Toys and bouncing at the same time! Who knew it was possible?”

021 (2)
“Hello again, Mr. Mousie!”

013 (2) 012 (2)
Family portraits

6 thoughts on “Baby’s New Throne

  1. Lisa, I want to thank you for keeping us posted on all the updates on your precious little ladybug. It makes me feel connected (and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same) even though I am unable to be there and watch her grow. I’m telling you, that baby has got some excellent mommies. I feel I’m part of Leah’s life, and I truly enjoy your post and your pictures. Your post always has some humor in it when I know it has to be awful tough at times. I think you need to write books for children. Give my Mandy many hugs and kisses. Love you ladies!

  2. Okay, so favorite video to date! I LOVE the bouncy chair and all of the stimulation it is bringing Leah! I want to hear more of her little voice! Adorable, again despite the challenges of the day! And the ladybug onesie- darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO!

  3. Oh, LEAH. I love how she’s all “Okay, left eye, you look at the turtle, and right eye, you look at the mousie … but WAIT there’s ANOTHER thing in the middle and auuuuuugh insufficient number of eyes!”

  4. I love all these pics they are so adorable. Especially the video of Staci and Leah. It’s so nice to see them everyday. I look forward to seeing all the post and the progress Leah is making everyday. I will continue praying for her to grow and get stronger so she can have her surgery and then be able to come home soon. Love you all have a great night. Cousin Marilyn V. P.S. you make a beautiful family and awesome Mommies.

  5. We hope you are framing (all?) of these! Your family portraits (at the bottom of the page) are BEAUTIFUL. Full of beauty, we say. xoxo

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