Another update!

Leah came home Saturday evening. PICU said they could transfer her to Peds for one more night, but surgery said she was good to go home if we wanted. So they gave us the choice. We felt home was a safer option than Peds, although I would have preferred to stay at Ronald McDonald House for one more night in case we had any issues. Leah was great on Sunday morning, but had a really rough afternoon – to the point where I was kind of wishing PICU had offered to keep her there for one more night instead of bouncing her over to the floor. The poor kid was so uncomfortable, and worked herself up into a fever of 100.9 (I did get one reading of 101.9 in one ear but it couldn’t be replicated and I think it was a mistake – maybe she was lying down on that side or something). Thankfully by the evening she felt a little bit better. But by last night, she was crying in her sleep in random spurts throughout the night. Poor little dear.

Both Leah and Mama had appointments today – Mama got physical therapy and a shot for thumb/wrist pain, and Leah got a spoonful of sweet potato. Yay for feeding OT! Mama Lisa almost passed out after her shot. It serves me right for not eating beforehand – I was fine after my other two shots (back and other wrist), but as you might remember from last summer, I have a particular sensitivity to both not eating enough (hence the ER) and being in hot weather. It was also a little bit of insta-karma. The doctor had asked if I felt light-headed and I said, “Do people actually faint from this??” He joked that it was mostly the big macho men who fainted from the pain, and I laughed with him and said that women are used to dealing with more. Not 30 seconds later I started to black out. They had to lay me down and give me juice so I wouldn’t faint completely. Be nice, Mama! Be nice!

Leah had a great evening, and was super-giggly and silly. I posted a 2-second video on her Facebook, but I’ll post a longer one once I get a chance to edit it. We are going to give developmental occupational therapy a shot tomorrow and see how it goes. Pictures soon. Really.

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